2018 NBA Playoffs Predictions

2storm So these are my 2018 First Round Playoff Predictions. These Playoffs are interesting and a lot of fun match ups. So without further ado let's get into my predictions.


First Round Match ups.

#1 Houston Rockets Vs. #8 Minnesota Timberwolves
Rockets 4-1
So the Rockets win their first round series with relative ease. The Rockets have made their offense a machine and their defense is a lot better than last year. Paul, Harden, and Capela are dangerous. Their bench has to be one of the best in the league. I see the Timberwolves capturing one game, but they will need the Towns and Wiggins to dominate if they want to capture more than one. I don't think Butler will be full strength so I have to go Rockets.

#2 Golden State Warriors Vs. #7 San Antonio Spurs
Warriors 4-2
Even though the Warriors don't have Steph they should still be able to beat the Spurs. The one X-Factor though for the Spurs is Khawi Leonard. If Leonard comes back in the first round, even if he isn't full strength it will make the Spurs more confident and there might just be a upset. It is unlikely though that Leonard will return.

#3 Portland Trailblazers Vs. #6 New Orleans Pelicans
Pelicans 4-3
Now this one is a tight series. The reason I pick the Pelicans is firstly because of Anthony Davis and his amazing ability and Rajon Rondo and Jrue Holiday defense. I think Rondo and Holiday can kinda stop Dame and CJ and deny them the scoring on the perimeter and make them go inside. The Trailblazers have one of the worst ratings in terms of inside scoring. On the other end I don't think anyone besides maybe Jusuf Nurkic can stop Davis.

#4 Oklahoma City Thunder Vs. #5 Utah Jazz
Thunder 4-2
People are really underestimating the Thunder they are still a amazing team. I see the Jazz winning a few games due to defense. Their is no way though that the Jazz can beat the Thunder on a consistent basis. In terms of in depth stuff, Paul George could do well against Donovan Mitchell. And the Jazz just wouldn't have enough offense. On the other side of the ball they just won't be able to guard the big three.


#1 Toronto Raptors Vs. #8 Washington Wizards
Raptors 4-3
I got this series go to 7. If Wall can play like himself they have a chance. The Raptors always choke in these situations so maybe. The Raptors will probably come out on top though. They are just so much more talented.

#2 Boston Celtics Vs. #7 Milwaukee Bucks
Bucks 4-3
No Kyrie is big. The Bucks will probably win this because Giannes is the best player in that series. The Celtics may have the best defense in the league, but where are they gonna generate the points. The Celtics might win a few games, but without Kyrie they just don't have a chance in the playoffs.

#3 Philadelphia 76ers Vs. #6 Miami Heat
76ers 4-3
Another game 7. This series is probably the most entertaining. These two teams are pretty similar and I love this matchup. The 76ers finally get in the playoffs. It will very interesting to see Joel and Ben play. All NBA Fans are just going to eat their popcorn this series.

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. #5 Indiana Pacers
4-1 Cavs
I like the Pacers, but they just got the wrong matchup. LeBron is not being taken out first round just take that out of your head. Oladipo will probably able to capture 1 game, but that is about it.
And those are all my first round playoff predictions


Don't forget, Celtics have the best bench and coach. And it is kind of the opposite with people underestimating OKC but really we are underestimating the Jazz. Rubio has been balling out. Still surprised Pelicans swept the Blazers/ - TristGamer