Teams With Best Chance to Win the 2012 Mens NCAA Division I Basketball Championship

The Top Ten

1 North Carolina Tar Heels
2 Kentucky Wildcats
3 Kansas Jay Hawks
4 Syracuse Orangemen
5 Ohio State Buckeyes The Ohio State Buckeyes are the athletic teams that represent The Ohio State University, named after the colloquial term for people from the state of Ohio and after the state tree, the Ohio Buckeye.

Now that Syracuse is out! I think Ohio State has the best chance now. I don't think Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, or Baylor can beat Ohio State! - westofohio

6 Missouri Tigers The Missouri Tigers athletics programs include the extramural and intramural sports teams of the University of Missouri, located in Columbia, Missouri, United States.
7 Duke Blue Devils
8 Michigan State Spartans
9 Marquette Golden Eagles
10 Indiana Hoosiers

The Contenders

11 New Mexico Lobos
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