Top 10 Teams That Had Crushing Losses to the Patriots

The Top Ten
1 2016 Atlanta Falcons

They performed the greatest choke in sports history - Randomator

2 2014 Seattle Seahawks

One of the best Super Bowls ever.

Why didn't you run the ball with Lynch? - BUETBU91

3 2001 St. Louis Rams

The Greatest Show on Turf picked a bad time to lose to the Patriots... in Super Bowl 36 20-17. - BUETBU91

4 2001 Oakland Raiders

They were the victims of the start of the Patriots dynasty with the Tuck Rule - BUETBU91

5 2006 San Diego Chargers

14-2 led to a home loss in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game - BUETBU91

6 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers

15-1 with a rookie quarterback didn't get the Steelers past New England in a rematch during the AFC Title Game - BUETBU91

7 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars

They had an elite defense, but still let Tom Brady make a comeback. - PackFan2005

They had a lead in the AFC Title game, but couldn't stop Tom Brady and co. - BUETBU91

8 2004 Indianapolis Colts

Despite a record-breaking 49 touchdowns, not even Peyton Manning could bring an AFC Title game to the Colts as the Patriots went by them. - BUETBU91

2004 Indianapolis Colts > 2007 New England Patriots

9 2004 Philadelphia Eagles

Donovan McNabb's health concerns led to a touchdown that came too late in the Super Bowl for the Eagles. - BUETBU91

10 2003 Carolina Panthers

After tying the game, the Panthers lost the Super Bowl when their kickoff went out of bounds leading to a game-winning field goal. - BUETBU91

The Contenders
11 2018 Kansas City Chiefs

Sure, after Tom Brady led the Pats to the go-ahead score, the Chiefs tied it at 31. But they didn't get the ball in overtime and the Pats won. - BUETBU91

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