Where is Lebron Going?

Hey what’s up everyone so the Golden State Warriors are the NBA champions again and Lebron is back in the familiar territory of Free Agency. The question everyone is asking is Where is Lebron going now?

Obviously this finals was terrible! Not only was it Cavs and Warriors for the fourth year in a row but this series wasn’t even interesting! The Warriors got the 4-0 sweep. You could say that Cleveland should have had game 1 because George Hill should have made the free throw and... well,..you know take away that whole J.R Smith forgetting the score thing. But even if they stole a game 1 win the Warriors could have easily won the next four. I think it’s safe to say that Lebron is leaving again. I mean seriously just look at the Cavs roster. It’s one of the worst teams to ever make the finals in NBA history! But Lebron could only carry them so far. You know they are bad when Lebron could have a stellar game and score 51 points and they still lose the game. It’s clear that Lebron needs help I mean that was kinda the point when he left for Miami to join forces with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. And that’s also a reason why he went back to Cleveland. To partner with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. It’s clear that he wants what the Cavs don’t have. Elite talent,brainpower,ability to perform under pressure and the list goes on. So assuming he does leave Cleveland again who are the teams that have the best chance of landing King James?

Houston Rockets
Why this could work: The Rockets already have James Harden and Chris Paul who have the talent Lebron is looking for. And don’t forget that this team was so close to beating Golden State. In fact they probably would have if Chris Paul didn’t get injured Imagine if they had King James.

Why this wouldn’t work: The Rockets have some free agents of their own this offseason including rising stars Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza as well as Chris Paul. If they are trying to bring in Lebron they would have to lose some pieces of their current team that nearly beat the Warriors. Assuming Lebron goes to Houston the starting 5 would likely be Harden,Paul,James and some older veterans.

Philadelphia 76ers
Why this could work: If Lebron is looking for talent then Philadelphia might be the place to be. Lebron would be with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid who are already on their way to becoming the next dynamic duo and then there’s Markelle Fultz who could be another key piece to the puzzle and this team has the 10th and 26th overall picks as well as four second round picks in the upcoming 2018 draft. They have the cap space,Lebron could launch this team into finals contention and then hand the reigns over to Embiid and Simmons as he gets older.

Why this wouldn’t work: The Sixers core is still very young so why mess with it? Adding Lebron might throw things off. Also Lebron is looking more for veteran talent rather than young talent so Embiid and Simmons might not be what he’s looking for to win a championship right away. Also Lebron is better when he has shooters surrounding him And neither Simmons or Embiid are a reliable shooter.

Los Angeles Lakers
Why this could work: The Lakers have a nice young core including Lonzo Ball,Kyle Kuzma ,Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle. They are a lot like the Sixers in that they have the young talent that will eventually take the reigns from Lebron and they have the cap space to add talent. And this is LA we’re talking about so he would be close to Hollywood and he does have two houses in the LA area so he has some connections to LA

Why this wouldn’t work: Even if Lebron could convince another veteran star like Paul George to join him there’s at least going to be a year or two for the Lakers to learn and gain experience. At 33 Lebron playing as good as ever but his window won’t be open much longer. How much time would he want to sacrifice just getting this team into championship contention?

San Antonio Spurs
Why this could work: Well... Lebron admires the head coach Gregg Popovich and they have Lamarcus Aldridge...

Why this wouldn’t work: It all revolves around
Kawhi Leonard. If he’s healthy and wants to stay then he’d be the ideal partner for Lebron. That could be a scary duo but if Kawhi isn’t healthy or he leaves then San Antonio becomes way less attractive. Even if Kawhi does stick around the Spurs would have to open up cap space and get some long term contracts off their backs.It wouldn’t be impossible but definitely easier said than done.

Los Angeles Clippers
Why this could work: This is a bit of a stretch but Lebron might like playing with Deandre Jordan and Lou Williams plus they could use the 12th and 13th picks to make trades for more help. And it’s still in LA so they have the same off court connections as the Lakers.

Why this wouldn’t work: The Lakers are the overall more appealing team from a personnel cultural and historical standpoint. And like the Spurs it relies heavily on one player. That being Deandre Jordan. If he opts out then good luck getting the King to come. On top of that it will require some maneuvering to attract Lebron.

Golden State Warriors
Why this could work: Hey if you can’t beat em join them! Right? That’s what KD did. Anyway the Warriors are already loaded and adding Lebron would make them that much more unstoppable as long as he’s willing to blend his game to their style

Why this wouldn’t work: In a way this would ruin his legacy since returning to Cleveland.
Also they would have to give up some players so they might not be the juggernaut that they have been.

And finally....
The Cleveland Cavaliers
Why this could work: Lebron is already familiar with the not just the team itself or Cleveland but Ohio is where he’s spent most of his life and is where his family lives. He knows the Cavaliers organization inside and out. They might have been inferior to the Warriors but they were in the finals so they can’t be too far off. At least They should have won game 1. Lebron does have an influence on the organization so with the 8th overall pick maybe they could draft a good player and make some moves in the off season to get some help.

Why this wouldn’t work: We all saw the playoffs right? It took arguably the greatest playoff performance from Lebron to get them to the finals. How much energy does Lebron have left in the tank? And to argue the point earlier they don’t have easy options this offseason. It’s going to take some clever moves. It’s not going to be an easy road to a dramatic improvement in one offseason. And maybe Lebron has had enough with Cleveland. He came back and won the fans a title and broke the Cleveland sports curse so the backlash to leaving will probably be less severe than last time

Personally I think Lebron will go either to Houston because they have the most veteran players Lebron is looking for
Lakers to be with a young talented core.or stay in Cleveland because it’s close to his home.
Where do you think Lebron is heading?


Nice job with the post. I like the Rockets as his next destination, but some players are gonna have to have some pay cuts. I also could see him going to the Spurs since he does greatly admire Pop. We should plan a collab soon. - 2storm

Interesting takes and yeah we should plan a collab together soon. - Randomator

I don't think we need him, but I'm obviously not going to say no to the best basketball player in the world. The Sixers have such enormous cap space that they can add LeBron to the team without altering last year's 52 win roster. - phillysports