Top 10 Teams Most Likely to Be in the 2019-2020 College Football Playoff


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1 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama Crimson Tide The Alabama Crimson Tide refers to the 21 men and women varsity teams that represent the University of Alabama.

An obvious favorite to make the tournament, barring any embarrassing losses in SEC play. - jayynormal00

Alabama could go 0-12 and still get into the playoffs. - railfan99

No they wouldn't. At that point they'd put in an undefeated UCF or a 5-loss Ohio State in. The media is biased but not that biased. - shadomatrix

The elephant says: Roll Tide!

Roll a Penn State fan I said if you can't beat em join em

2 Clemson Tigers Clemson Tigers The Clemson Tigers are the athletic teams representing Clemson University. They compete as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I level (Football Bowl Subdivision, primarily competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports since the 1953-54 season.

Clemson should've lost to North Carolina, but they didn't because their HC, Mack Brown, knew that the game would be fixed from the start and decided to make a poor last decision by going for 2 (which they failed) so Clemson could win and play Alabama in the playoffs. This was like the TCU-Oklahoma game back in 2015, when TCU should've won, but let Oklahoma win instead since the game was fixed from the very beginning. College Football and the NFL is probably becoming as fake as WWE. - shadomatrix

Most likely because they have an absolutely garbage schedule. The other top contenders have at least 1 pretty tough game left. - steelersrock7


Clemson has the talent to make the playoff, but can’t afford to get complacent in the mild ACC - jayynormal00

3 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State Buckeyes The Ohio State Buckeyes are the athletic teams that represent The Ohio State University, named after the colloquial term for people from the state of Ohio and after the state tree, the Ohio Buckeye.

Their dominant defense and offense with Justin Fields and JK Dobbins could lead them to the playoff. However, they have to get through Michigan, Penn State, and the Big Ten West Champion to get there. - jayynormal00

Ohio State is a good team, and will finish undefeated or with one loss, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were left out in favor for a 2-loss SEC nonchampion. - shadomatrix

4 LSU Tigers LSU Tigers

LSU has been extremely dominant, but they have an extremely tough conference schedule to get through. - jayynormal00

I like the Tigers to find a way in - Randomator

5 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma Sooners

Iowa State should not have gone for 2 and let Oklahoma beat them. The Big 12 (except Kansas State) is a bunch of retards who never learn, and Oklahoma does not deserve a spot in the playoffs. Let us hope that Baylor can stand up to them and win the Big 12 this year. - shadomatrix

Congratulations Oklahoma you just lost to Kansas State. Just like your wagon your college football playoff hopes have rolled over and crashed - Randomator

I actually thought the refs would let oklahoma win (like they always do). No way can a talented team like Kansas State blow a 25-pt lead. With 1 loss, the Sooners aren't eliminated yet, but will be if they don't win the Big 12. - shadomatrix

Oklahoma would've jumped Ohio State at some point had they remained undefeated. The media does not like the Big Ten anymore. - shadomatrix

A Jalen Hurts led team, with an above average Big 12 defense with their hardest games behind them, they can’t afford a major upset loss. - jayynormal00

6 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Badgers

With a pretty easy remaining schedule, the only thing stopping them is the winner of the big ten East.
Update: Ouch. No. They lost to Illinois. Ouch - jayynormal00

They now have 2 losses. They are eliminated. - shadomatrix

They lost to Illinois there goes their CFP hopes - Randomator

7 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State Nittany Lions

A talented two way team, they have a serious chance to beat Their competition. However, I do not think that they will be able to finish well if they lose before week 13 - jayynormal00

They just lost to Minnesota. - shadomatrix

8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the athletic teams that represent the University of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish participate in 23 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I intercollegiate sports and in the NCAA's Division I in all sports, with many teams competing in the Atlantic Coast more.

If Notre Dame wins out, they have a slim chance to make the playoff - jayynormal00

9 Oregon Ducks Oregon Ducks The Oregon Ducks are the athletic teams that represent the University of Oregon, a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon.

A long shot pac 12 team would be unlikely; it would take a lot of losses for this to happen - jayynormal00

10 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia Bulldogs The Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs are the athletic teams of the University of Georgia. The Bulldogs compete in NCAA Division I and are members of the Southeastern Conference.

Georgia, with their recent loss to USC, was knocked pretty far outside contention, but there is a long shot that they could get in. Lots of things would have to go wrong for Alabama and LSU though. - jayynormal00

The Contenders

11 Florida Gators Florida Gators The Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.
12 Minnesota Golden Golphers Minnesota Golden Golphers

They just beat Penn State. Maybe they'll go undefeated in the regular season then lose to Ohio State. - shadomatrix

They are undefeated - RawIsgore

Yes, Minnesota is a good team, but 3 of their next 4 games are very losable games. I don’t see it happening - jayynormal00

13 Baylor Bears Baylor Bears The Baylor Bears are the sports teams of Baylor University. Baylor's men's sports teams are named the Bears, and some women's teams are named the Lady Bears.

Still undefeated because they haven't played anybody. Their best win was against Iowa State, 23-21. - shadomatrix

14 Texas Longhorns Texas Longhorns Texas Longhorns athletics programs include the extramural and intramural sports teams of the University of Texas at Austin.

Um yeah no if they needed a field goal to beat Kansas then no they don’t have a shot - Randomator

15 Utah Utes Utah Utes
16 Auburn Tigers Auburn Tigers The Auburn Tigers football program represents Auburn University in the sport of American college football.

When I look at this team, I see a very talented team with a lot of potential that has a tendency to collapse in big time situations. Don’t see them in the CFP. - jayynormal00

17 Washington State Cougars Washington State Cougars

The best and the coolest team in college history.

Nope. Team that lost to UCLA won’t make it - jayynormal00

18 Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati Bearcats
19 Washington Huskies Washington Huskies

With their two losses up to this point, It’s nearly impossible they can bounce back - jayynormal00

20 Boise State Broncos Boise State Broncos The Boise State Broncos are the official athletic program of Boise State University. The Broncos compete in a wide variety of sports as members of the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision Mountain West Conference.

The CFP has made it clear that G5 teams aren't eligible for the playoffs. UCF didn't even rank in the playoff's top 10 in 2017 despite being the only undefeated team in the nation that year.

Update: They lost to BYU, so they won't even make the new years six unless both SMU and App State lose a game. - shadomatrix

21 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State Spartans
22 SMU Mustangs SMU Mustangs
23 Appalachian State Mountaineers Appalachian State Mountaineers
24 Rutgers Rutgers

Maybe Schiano will return and get them to the playoffs another year. I'd like to see that, not only because I respect Rutgers football, but because it'll make Tennessee fans cry because Pruitt will screw it. - shadomatrix

25 Michigan Wolverines Michigan Wolverines The Michigan Wolverines comprise 27 varsity sports teams at the University of Michigan. These teams compete in the NCAA's Division I and in the Big Ten Conference in all sports except women's water polo, which competes in the NCAA inter-divisional Collegiate Water Polo Association.

They should be up in the top 5 because there a good team and had- Tom Brady, Rod Woodson, Devin Bush, and lots of other good player myself I'm a Wolverines fan and even though back in the 90's they lost to App St, they still fight hard and deserve to be top 5,


26 Memphis Tigers Memphis Tigers The Memphis Tigers men's basketball team represents the University of Memphis in NCAA Division I men's college basketball. The Tigers have competed in the American Athletic Conference since 2013.

Worst team ever

27 Ohio Bobcats Ohio Bobcats


28 New Mexico State Aggies New Mexico State Aggies


29 Kent State Golden Flashes Kent State Golden Flashes
30 Kansas State Wildcats Kansas State Wildcats
31 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa Hawkeyes The Iowa Hawkeyes are sports teams that represent the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, United States.
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