Teams Most Likely to Be Ranked Last In the 2014 FIFA World Cup Post-tournament Ranking

I hope you get my list right, I am ranking teams from worst to best as ranked by wikipedia for the 2010 Fifa world cup.
Here is an example : http://en.
Most of the list was hard to make but some were easy. I had to take notes about the matches that occurred.

The Top Ten

1 Spain

Don't get me wrong, but Spain has lost 2 of their group stage matches with relatively huge margins (5-1 loss against the Netherlands and a 2-0 loss against Chile, totaling up to 7 goals AGAINST them and a -6 goal difference). Therefore, they will certainly be eliminated after their group matches end. - SelfDestruct

2 Portugal

Portugal is doomed after their 4-0 loss against Germany and loss to Pepe for their next match. Their fate is sealed. - SelfDestruct

3 Honduras

Oh boy, that own goal was very funny. - SelfDestruct

4 Japan

They just don't apply their skills in their later moments, causing them to lose their matches. The same goes to Algeria. - SelfDestruct

5 Algeria
6 Australia

They lose their momentum near the end of each game! Did you notice that? - SelfDestruct

7 Bosnia & Herzegovina

That own goal was bad enough to put them in a disarray. - SelfDestruct

8 Croatia

They did not win any games in the tournament yet, but they still have hope. - SelfDestruct

9 Ecuador

The last moments are where the players get all tired and start to relax. There is no relaxing until the tournament completely ends. - SelfDestruct

10 England

Their first loss, may seal their fate. - SelfDestruct

The Contenders

11 Cameroon

They keep conceding goals! - SelfDestruct

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