Teams Most Likely to Play In the Finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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1 Brazil

I think, Belgium going to b in the final

Brazil's the best no matter what

Go brasil and won the cup

Brazil rocks go neymar

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2 Argentina

Best line up of Players and the defense is strong Messi IS GREAT!

With the greatest offense in the world and an upgraded defense, watch out

If you have more than one highly skillful and equally hard working players nothing can stop you to play final. Argentina has great Messi and augero who are very hard working and good schemer.

Argentina is the best than Brazil and Germany
Argentina is the God of football...

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3 Spain

Spain lost against Netherlands and Chile so it will be eleminated from the World Cup

The best team with expierenced players, but they are aging team

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4 Germany

German team is the symbol of strong and they have a good panel of midfielders and defenders. So Germany will win this world cup.

It's gonna be Germany vs Argentina or Netherlands (most likely Argentina) but as much as I hate Germany football they are a complete team so they win

Germany all the way. If they don't take it, there will be no other chance. I totally believe and most would agree that Germany takes WC 2014!

The most complete unit, is Germany!

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5 Netherlands

Netherlands will win this time.
It has the world's most amazing players.
They already have beaten Spain wonderfully.

Thiz year Netherlands are really not willing to let go of the cup

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6 Portugal

Portugal a always been a strong team, and now with the best player. He will go down in history and then Portugal will be announced soccer capital of the world.

Portugal can win they have Ronaldo and I they have him nothing can stop them. I will love it to see them in the final Go Portugal!

Ronaldo is a great league player but not as great as mysterious Figo

We have the BEST PLAYER in the world! We are the BEST! Portugal

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7 England



Argentina vs England... Again!

Wazza will finally perform for us!

8 Italy

Italy all the way!

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9 Uruguay

I think the Uruguay striker is Forlan Cavani and suarez is the best striker I think suarez and cavani is the Best.

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10 France

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11 Costa Rica
12 USA

Even if the USA does not win, I'm so impressed by their performance, the surge in views and support across the nation this year was crazy! Portugal vs USA game was the most viewed Soccer (football) game of all time in the US! And Soccer (Football) is now the second most popular sport among young Americans

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13 Belgium
14 Mexico

Vamonos Mexico si podemos! Hell, 4 of the favorites on this list are done, this gives Mexico an excellent chance, if we can pass Netherlands

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15 Chile

Chile is more powerful than you think

16 Colombia

Colombia has a chance at winning!

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