Top Ten Teams Most Likely to Win the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

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The Top Ten

1 United States

U.S. could get lucky and beat Germany. I think that they are doing great with offense but if they are going to try to beat Germany they should boost their defense up a little. Go U.S.A

U.S.A is an experienced team, I think Germany was the only thing holding them back from the cup.Now all they need
To do is dominate,.

2 Germany

Honestly, I don't want Germany to win. I mean they are already dominating Boys Soccer/Football (however you say it). So, wouldn't it be unfair to make Germany so good and dominating in men's and women's in soccer/football. Please Vote for USA, Japan, Norway Or Canada. Vote For Canada and USA because so far, they both won no world cups in men's And the boy's are garbage in soccer but USA is slightly a bit better than Canada. I'm not saying that USA is better because I'm American. I'm Actually a Canadian

I also think Canada will win bot Germany has a really strong team

3 Japan

If you can run away from tentacles you can breeze past defenders

4 Canada

Team is we're very good and they play strong and fair

A very strong team. Will probably win this World Cup,

5 Norway
6 England
7 Sweden

In the Sweden Nigeria game the Sweden players were stretching in the last 20 minutes they need to improve there endurance but they could still could win this World Cup. Anything can happen.

8 Netherlands
9 Switzerland
10 France

The Contenders

11 Australia
12 China