Teams Most Likely to Win the 2015 ICC World Cup


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1 India

Strength in depth in terms of batting and the best captain in the world when it comes to make or break decisions. Wether the bowling will survive is the question

All the time I was thinking that Aus was a strong team but after they faced Pak they looked a bit scared and showed their a little bit of their weakness. I have a feeling they will crumble under pressure. They have a high expectation to take care of and are going to face a different Ind side that are fully geared up as compared to the one they faced in the tri series. We just have to sit back a good game of cricket. Its going to be the finals and the best team on that day would be the winner...

India is best cricket team around the globe..

Not really, just flat track bullies who can play only on Indian pitches.

Hope India will win this world cup again. They are strong in batting, bowling and fielding. MS Dhoni will lead the team which increases the hope. And the world's greatest batsmen Virat in there.. Indian pace attack is weak but they have strong spinners to destroy the opponent. Fielding part is amazing raina, virat, jaddu and so on... At this time India is the best so I hope India will win the wc 2015 with their talent and God's grace! - paasadani

Just because you are an Indian don't rate your team as the best. Think logically. In Australia, for a match between Australia and India I'd expect the Aussies to win 9/10 of them

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2 South Africa

Even if they have chance... They will chock again like before...1999 world cup was nightmare for South Africa... - harry721

They usually lose every knockout matches in WC but this time they have a chance.. - paasadani

India beat South Africa by 130 runs... #worldcup2015 - harry721


3 Australia
4 Sri Lanka
5 England
6 Pakistan

Pakistan is really the best team in the world they've beat every one only this world cup tey lost a few matches

7 West Indies
8 New Zealand
9 Bangladesh
10 Ireland

The Contenders

11 Afghanistan
12 Scotland
13 United Arab Emirates
14 Zimbabwe
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