Top Ten Teams Most Likely to Win the 2050 FIFA World Cup


The Top Ten

1 Germany

Why does this list exist lmao. We are two generations away. San Marino could go on some mad revolution and become legendary in that time. - Puga

2 Italy
3 Argentina

Argentina will Surpass Brazil and other and get their 7th World Cup Win

Argentina wait the few years we will win and beat Germany

I'm pretty sure argentina will win because they have smart and good players

4 Brazil

They are good

5 Netherlands
6 Spain
7 Mexico
8 Chile
9 Portugal
10 USA

USA has the best athletes in the world by far, and by this time, soccer will be popular enough to where USA will become a huge name in soccer, maybe even winning the world cup this year or possibly earlier.

The Contenders

11 Scotland

By this time Scotland will probably be the young Germany but ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

12 Uruguay
13 San Marino

Legendary squad. They nearly tied against Poland's under 15's in January, only losing 17-0 a new record.

14 England
15 Latvia
16 Ireland
17 Moldova
18 Fiji
19 Montenegro Montenegro
20 Burundi
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