Outlaw Recalls #2 2016 March Madness Tournament

htoutlaws2012 Intro: In honor of the coming up March madness tournament I will be looking back at last years tournament, and my reactions to it, and how I still feel about that sport event to this day.

Before the Big Games: It was Monday, no school, or anything to do. Then I thought about filling in a bracket, but more then one in fact. Although picking early does lead to great mistakes. The fool that I was oh man did I pay a price for it lol. I had a group of friends who wanted a apart of the madness as well so luckily we had ourselves a game, and of course knowing the tournament nobody was perfect as expected. My final Four included Michigan State, yes Michigan State. A team despise in my home state (am all for the blue and yellow sorry spartan fans) my strategy was not to pick by assumptions, but to believe who I thought was that good at that time. Notre Dame, (fighting Irish) Kansas hard to go against them at the time, and the mighty Duke.

The Madness: OH boy here we go! The games are getting underway for the next 12 hours between four channels, and hey Yale beats Baylor, like I predicted. Baylor is known for chocking to teams like this in the past few years. Oh and West Virginia gets knocked out by Stephen F. Austin. Wait i'm forgetting the biggest moments of this tournament right that being the biggest upset in March madness history. If you can not quite recall that was #15 Middle Tennessee beating the #2 Michigan State. Whom were heavily favored in this game by like 99% of those brackets. I could not help, but be pissed, but also be happy at the same time. While my bracket was destroyed I went on the rest of the tourney to route for the underdogs. I remember that Texas A&M was always on the edge in there games finding the most unbelievable ways to comeback by a few points and escaping to the nest round like ''when will the luck run out.'' Well it did as they got beat the Sooners. The other cinderella story team in the tourney was definitely Syracuse. You would think from all the backlash a couple of years back they would not recover, well were we all wrong. Not only that but they made to the final four, and were nearly on the verge of beating North Carolina. Ultimately the two best teams were North Carolina, and Villanova. #2 Vs #1, there was times NC showed they are vulnerable so I routed for Villanova and great side to go by as they won in a great thrilling finish.

Final Thoughts: Looking back I may have been disappointed in the picks I went with, but learned that if I watched the championship games prior it would of gave me a better idea who to side with to the end I can trust, and ultimately I ended up going by last year experience instead of the year that was. Heck maybe we might get the rematch, but teams are #1 with most of there players back. I can't wait for it to kickoff real soon.