Top Ten Teams Most Likely to Win the UEFA Champions League 2016/17


The Top Ten

1 Bayern Munich Bayern Munich

Bayern are amazing players like james hummels Alonso neuer lahm muller lewandowski

2 FC Barcelona

Bayern above Barca? You off your nut? - gemcloben

3 Real Madrid Real Madrid

2nd and I was Shanna do that right now - fireagle71

4 Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid
6 Juventus Juventus
7 Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund is a club in North Rhine-Westphaila in Germany founded in December 19, 1909 by unhappy men of a church soccer club at a pub at Dortmund . The name Borussia came from the Latin name of a beer in a nearby brewery there . They used to wear blue and white with a red sash but then started more.
8 Manchester City Manchester City
9 Leicester City

I'm a time traveller from June and I can confirm they have won it. - Puga

Calma calma, they will get relegated from prem and win the UCL. I'm never wrong. - Puga

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10 Arsenal Arsenal

The Contenders

11 Porto FC

2 red cards... injustice

12 Sevilla
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