Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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1 Germany Germany Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.

Germany all the way! It's the most complete team. Unlike Argentina they don't lack a good defense... They have a world class goal keeper and the best striking ammunition in the world after Argentina... But Argentina as I said lacks defense but Germany does not

Germany has the most complete team. They could create two different teams, and they both will have a more than decent chance to win the World Cup. They have Neuer, one of the best goalkeepers of today, an outstanding defense with players such as Hummels, Mertesacker, Boateng, Badsturber, the captain Lamn, amongst others. They have an unbelievably powerful midfield. With players such as Khedira, Ozil, the genius Schweinsteiger, Muller, and the two incredibly fast Gotze and Reus, they will just dominate their opposition. And with Klose about to break Ronaldo's record, Gomez, and a Podolski with an unbelievably powerful shot, they have more than a complete team. Brazil may be the favorites, but Germany is the most complete. Most teams already figured Spain's way of playing. Portugal is a good team if you think that a two person team is good. If anything happens to Ronaldo or Pepe, they will suffer badly. And with most of Germany's players playing in the Bundesliga, mainly Dortmund and ...more

If Low plays Reus and Goetze (as he should) instead of older players watch out! Germany is overdue for the cup!

Mesut ozil is a great player

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2 Brazil

If it's the will of GOD, Brazil will surely win this time. The 1950 world cup loss to Uruguay at their home soil are still fresh in their minds. We know there are lots of other strong teams like Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, France and even Uruguay again. But since the team knows that their country expects nothing less than winning the World Cup 2014 at home soil, the Brazilian team is going to play like anything no matter whatever pains they are going to face. They also know that apart from the group games, they are going to face all the strong and mighty teams on their way to the Finals. So they will surely not allow the game to go away from their hand.

Brazil has everything to win the world cup 2014. We will be playing home and we have brilliant players like neymar, kaka, oscar, lucas, hulk and ganso!

Tradition, probabilities and popularity! From the legendary Pele to the cute Bebeto cradling the baby; Brazil has brought us many cheers and tears over the decades!

Because brazil is the best

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3 Argentina

Messi, Tevez, Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain! And that's only the attack! Not many national squads can say that they bolster such a formidable attack!

The fantastic four (leo, kun, dim, higz) is the undisputed strongest attack in the world. The current coach do not believe in old Argentina's way of playing possession he created some beasts in counter attacks in the team which can down any team in the world. Plus the biggest point is they are not weak in defense anymore. Whoever thinks they are weak in definitely would be in for a surprise/shock in the wc2014. Sabella created a twin tower in the name of Garay and Federico.

They got the best players like Messi, Di maria, Aguero, Tevez if all of this PlAYER TRY THEIR HARDEST THEY WILL EASILY BEAT EVERY ONE


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4 Netherlands

Netherlands has 3 world players robben, Wesley sneijder, and robben van Persia ;) and they also got in the finals last World Cup

Netherlands has good chance to win this world cup because she will meet Spain in the groups and might or not meet Brazil if they beat one of them sure no team can stop them. Don't forget also they have one of the best strikers and flying wing on the world robben.

This squad will surprise you all. Wait and see!

Love holand for ever

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5 Spain

There are great teams in this world cup, Germany has a great squad, Brazil as well, but Spain is above being a "great" team.
They are pure football, the approach every team targets.
Someone posted above talking about how professional Germany played compared to Brazil, which, in his opinion, played more for fun and the distress factor was they bet for the win.
I'm sorry for the person posting this cause I'd be ashamed if I hadn't considered Spain as a combination of ambition and fun.
Brazil might host it and Germany might be favourite, but remember that they've been favourite over the last years and Spain has kept breaking the stats. Don't underestimate a country just cause they've won everything, ambition is endless.

They are the best team in the world right now. They have experience on their side and they are known to pressure of the finals.

Unlike Germany, who is extremely talented, but for the last 8 years they can't pass the semi-final mark. I think, Spain is stronger than them, simply because they have more experience. Xavi, Iniesta, Ramos all of them are used to the pressure and expectations from their fans.

Brazil is obviously a huge favourite, but they won the Confederations Cup. No one in the history of World Cup has won the Confederations Cup and the World Cup the following year, so I trust the stats. Also the huge pressure from the fans can make Brazilian players nervous.

Argentina - they are strong in attack, but incredibly weak in defense for Spain's strikers and midfielders it won't be extremely hard to break their defense and very often Spain only needs 1 chance to score.

So, Spain all the way!

This is the best national team in years. They have dominated the football world with their style since Euro 2008, and they're still not done. They're the only ones who have had a streak of three major tournaments in a row: Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012.

Spain lost 5-1 to Holland but they DID win the 2010 one - AlphaQ

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6 Italy

Italy should be favorites over anybody but Germany right now, if they face Brazil they will win it would be the 3rd time they played them in the past 2 years and prendalli is not a stupid man. Italy tactically is the most versatile team in the tournament they can play any way prendalli wants them to. They can play possession against Spain and that is not easy. If everyone remains healthy I would not be surprised if Italy make the final. Balotelli and Rossi could be a great pair and with the likes of pirlo de Rossi marchisio and montolivo there midfield is set. Their defense is amazing but recently have been making stupid mistakes which I can't see happening in the World Cup and then also Buffon is the best keeper in the world when playing for Italy and it is hard to disagree with that. If Germany comes in their way we always win and it will happen again. How could Italy not be top 4 on this list?

Everyone always underestimates Italy, but then the Italians find a way to surprise and triumph. They certainly did in 2006, and in 2012, when they made it to the finals of the Euros. I can't believe that England is ranked higher than a country that held Spain to a nil-nil draw and was the first to have more possession than them when they played in the Confederations Cup in quite some time. I tip the Italians so make it out of the group stage and to at least the round of eight. Maybe they'll even make it to the final. Either way, don't rule them out or underestimate them.

Except for the embarrassment of 2010, Italy always turn up to big tournaments and their development since Prandelli took over is outstanding. Being Italian, I like that most people underestimate the Italian National team, it keep the odds high! There is no doubt ill be putting a few pounds down on Italy to win. Sure, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain may be a step ahead but Italy are right behind them, demonstrated recently against Spain in the confederations cup and Germany in the Euros.

Italy has Mario who can jump on the other soccer players and fart - AlphaQ

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7 Portugal

Portugal deserve to win, they are a better team than Spain and after hard work they have always been in the top. With many great players, and the knowledge and experience portugal have they will definitely win, they know every teams weak and strong points to strategise.

If Portugal's central defense with Pepe-Alves is able to cope with the other teams' offense, they simply have to let Ronaldo do the rest. If this man is in good form during the World Cup 2014, Portugal is for sure a team to watch!

Very good goalkeeper and in my opinion in the world Christiano Ronaldo and it also has very good far out strikers

No way they lost in the round of 16

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8 France

France have a good chance of winning the whole thing because they have a world class offense paired with some of the best defenders in the world. They have a lot of young talent like Pogba and Verane but these youngsters are used to playing for some of the best teams in the world and against the best opponents. They're guaranteed to go on to the semi finals and wouldn't be surprised if they win the whole competition.

After years in the doldrums, France is back. They are strong in all the lines. And have a few genius players who can make the difference. And they are hungry.

France is Likely to play the semi finals

Messy argetina is better to win

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9 England

England has fish and chips to ready them for any match!

Quality players coming in and finally an English manager, where the players can communicate properly with him. Also new faces, young talents that are hungry for their first World Cup! COME ON ENGLAND! BELIEVE ALL THE WAY!

England might win because they did win 1966 world cup, and we did beat a few good teams in friendlies. Not only that, we came top of our qualifying group and I think overall we have an O.K. chance.

England didn't do so well this time. - AlphaQ

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10 Belgium

So many natural talents in one team! With a "fighting spirit" coach who wants to win it all

Belgium possess a complete first team, with plenty of high quality substitutes. The midfield is especially strong with plenty of tactical, physical and intelligent players. A big part of the squad play for the best teams in the the premier league. Their youth will give them the ambition and motivation needed to win the world cup.

One of the youngest teams there is, so still growing, and lots of talents are waiting to get a spot in the team


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11 Mexico

I have a feeling Mexico will be good this years world cup because they have star players like chicharito, dos santos, Marquez, and Ochoa they are almost a complete team with their new coach too I think the Mexicans will make at least to the quarter finals

Mexico will have a new coach and has new local popular team that has the heart to win. Unlike the most popular Mexican stars that are unable to play as a team. Hopefully miguel herrera remain new coach with their new local squad. This young new team has the heart and ability to play together to world cup in Brazil

Mexico is on of the most complete teams in the tournament they always seem to surprise everyone when they do well in a tournament but the just are very underrated I mean they beat Brazil in the Olympics.


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12 Colombia

Colombia always add things and flavor to the world cup. this team is different than any teams of previous generations. this team has speed, skill shooting players, excellent defenders, but the most important, they know how to play as a team. this is the underdog that can win it all. there are players, who had world cup experience coaching the young players that are thirsty to put their national soccer team as top-notch of the world. Colombia always plays a good role with is creative soccer, but this time, this team wants to put the name of this great soccer nation as champions!

Colombia maybe is not the best team in the world cup but they are humble and they fought for their dreams together as a team, who would imagine that Colombia would be in the 5 place of the FIFA ranking. To get into the world cup they worked hard but also they enjoy and gave happiness to every single game because they reprent the happiness and flavor of Colombian people that will be supporting their team in every single game. I'm sure Colombia will do well in the world cup because they are quick and smart and also they have really good players that play in some of the best soccer teams in the word but their best skills are that they will always have a smile in their faces and they will play as a team as a contry.

Honestly I don't know why Colombia is number 17 they came back from a 0-3 score (chile winning for that part if the game) to 3-3 and they needed three goals to get into the World Cup! Every ones just jealous because they're doing better than Brazil, Portugal, France and
Mexico. They're 4th best in the world! They're really awesome. I just think that it's because they're an very little known country. I mean when I say I'm from Colombia people r like "British Columbia" which is a province in Canada. Unfair wannabes.

Columbia are a very good football team they have James Rodriguez so good.

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13 Uruguay

It is silly how Uruguay are 13th they have one of the top goal scorers in the world but not only that they are playing in South America also giving them an advantage. To the people that say Germany your wrong! And Brazil don't forget we beat you when you hosted it in. 1950

Made it to semi-finals last world cup, won the first world cup ever played, and we beat Brazil to take the world cup in 1950. That means we will come first place especially sine we've got cavani, forlan, and Suarez. Now Forlan may not be starting in the big games against Italy and england I'm pretty sure. But Even though he's 35 I believe he's still got it, and when they put him in the field he'll do work. So lets go Uruguay!

Uruguay will most likely be in the semi-finals if they can finish first in their tough group. Once there with luck and their top players still intact without yellow/red cards they can beat anyone, especially Brazil. They are the ultimate darkhorse/underdog... Everyone always seems to forget that. The've been proving the world wrong for almost 100 years now.

Uruguay is the best! No doubt no matter what the result, 4x world champion 2x world cup and 2x Olympic, can't beat history!

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14 Costa Rica

Underrated by far. This list is clearly outdated and should be remade, given that many of the "top" countries are already knocked out. Costa Rica earned to be much higher up on this list. A passionate and motivated team! Excellent performance so far in this World Cup!

They have a really good. Campbell is the main guy. Like come on they beat Italy 1-0 and they beat Uruguay 3-1. They are the most surprising team this year. Costa Rica! Costa Rica! Costa Rica!

Costa Rica has great potential. Uruguay was extremely aggressive and Costa Rica still won.

1 player- Keylor Navas

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15 United States

Not the best team or players by a long shot.

But they are Americans and often achieve the impossible through unwavering belief and sheer ignorance of reality.

The only team that will never win the World Cup that just might!

People love to underestimate the USA but what the world needs to realize is that the USA creates the most innovative and impressive people. I am not speaking of Average Joe I am speaking of those Americans which are truly free and know it. How are they truly free? Because Americans hold an UNWAVERING belief that they are better than the rest of the world. They even have a name for it it is called ETHNOCENTRISM which means to believe your nation is better than all others. Many view this as a bad thing but the fact is that it makes them EXTREMELY determined prove exactly that point. And what better way to prove that you are better than by working like a crazy man and to actually be the best. I know the USA will win simply on their unwavering determination to be the greatest in the world at EVERYTHING. on that note I am French and I do not much like the USA but I respect them so please keep in mind this is a non biased perspective.

Firstly, let me get something straight... US has Clint Dempsey; the next generation captain of the U.S. Plus, according to FIFA, because they pulled off to win with Ghana, (which is a team far better than U.S. ), they have a huge chance to win against Portugal. A few reasons why Portugal might lose to U.S. is because Ronaldo has a leg injury, and he doesn't even play that much anymore and stays mute to the game between Portugal and Germany. Also, Pepe is out of the game and he was one of the best defenders in their team.
I have patriotism for my country. I don't really know about you guys. But the coach of U.S. has motivation.U.S. has skills, all it needs is some motivation which the German Coach is successfully delivering to the U.S.
This year, U.S. has a strong start and by no doubt, make it into the next round.

I'm a American but I like they improve every year

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16 Chile

They almost defeated Spain, it ended 3-3 with a Spanish last minute goal, they have grown outstandingly as a team. They also have defeated France and are as I'm writing this about to defeat England. They have Sanchez in Barcelona and Vidal is a key player in Juventus. They have also shown their skill against teams from southamerica during the qualifications.

I'm voting for Chile because of 2 reasons. 1) I'm Chilean so... I kinda need to vote for Chile. 2) In this chart, It says that the United States will get in a higher position even though they are in the group of death with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Chile has a higher chance than the US of winning

I love Chile! We are doing a thing in school where you pick a country out the hat and whatever team wins will get a grand prize. And I got Chile!

Come on Chile quality team brilliant manager they have the energy, power and enthusiasm to get to the final

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17 Japan

Japan has good players and good skills as a team.

Have some good player!

Kagawa, Honda, Kawashima, Nagatomo and so much more

They are so bad team but they are getting better

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18 Australia

Australia all the way! Although they haven't won yet, that's why they didn't have the best coach and great players.

They have there new coach on there side they may not be as good as the 2006 team but there good anuff I think they will get in to the World Cup along with Brazil

Australia all the way! Although they haven't won before, they can now because they have the best coach and great players.

Tim Cahill for the win go number 4!

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19 Pakistan

Al the way Pakistan after having nearly won the Street Children World Cup

Pakistan lacks basic infrastructure but they are brimming with talent and if given proper attention they can form a very good team. As the official ball makers for 2014 world cup we expect them to produce quality players who can strike that ball too.

Pakistan has now started to suck at cricket. Know why? Because they're getting amazing at football. I mean look at them, they won the Street Children World Cup (almost). But still, I'm expecting them to win the world cup in the next 12 years at least!

Pakistan are 194th on the FIFA World Rankings. If they are going to rise to become a great team, I will be expecting my team Bhutan whoare 192nd to rise as well!

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20 Croatia

Croatia has the heart to win it all... They do have more heart than skill but the skill is not lacking anything... I look forward for an underdog ( or someone new) to take it ( Colombia, Croatia, USA, Uruguay, Mexico) or even Holland!

Croatia unlike other teams, don't have a star player, which upper teams do but they have a GREAT all around team.

Don't think Croatia is out. They can be real contenders to make it to the quarter finals.

They will never win world cup

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