My 5 reasons on why Argentina is my pick to win the cup:

1) None of the big European teams like Germany or Netherlands have experience playing in the South American tropic rainforest climate. Out of the big teams, only Brazil and Argentina, with Uruguay and Colombia as also good contenders given the experience in such climate.

2) Argentina will play almost like mini locals. The amount of 'hinchas' (fans) that will travel to follow them is expected to be the 2nd largest after local Brazil. On top of that, Argentinian 'hinchas' are extremely passionate and loyal, sometimes even reaching levels of disproportionate passion resembling the infamous British Hooligans.

3) Based on the schedule, if they win all their games, they meet with local favorite Brazil only in the finals, and the strong teams they would face before Brazil are either Germany, Netherlands or Italy, none of which have any experience playing in the summer of the humid rainforest weather, plus they ...more

Just stop and think. I spent some time with my friends dicussing which which team will win the world cup. now the first thing that came out was Brasil! Wowo hang on that team are so overrated they are not the great team they use to be. THen we cames to Germany. no way they can't win the euro they can't win the world cup. Are final 2 were Argentina and Spain. I am sure that these to teams are the worlds best! Spain are the best team but there team are getting old quick so I think Argentina will win! And we never included england because they can't really play football common English footballers say have it so england are not good. I am trying to make this sound nice

The maturity of Messi, Assistant with Di Maria, Aguero and the Coach are the most fundamental to this new Argentina team selection, I would see this coach will strengthen/focus on their defense pattern, and mid field pressure and counter attack plus their natural speed and skills would be the strongest weapon for this new formed team, great confident that this Argentinian team will go far in this world cup finale

Argentina has a great balance across the field with surprise national players. They know how to win Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and the rest because they have done it before. This team not only has skill but they have heart and fans across the globe love them too.

This time Argentina is coming again very strong. Unfortunately Messi is not such a leader as Maradona was in his time, and definitively not an all-field player like Diego was. The question is if Messi can carry the team in his shoulders and lead them to final. But I still think is the most dangerous team in the cup and that they have more chances to win it.

Chiquito Romero
Gino Peruzzi
Pajaro Fernandes
Eze Garay
Fabian Monzon
Pintita Gago
Angel Di Maria
Lio Messi
Kun Aguero
Pipa Higuain

Argentina no longer had a bad defense! They are also used to playing in a warm climate! I bey they will at least come to the finals. Brazil is going to try their hardest, and so are all of the other teams! I think Brazil will come in third and Germany will come in second!

Hey, Spain are horrible. Ronaldo is injured for Portugal. Germany aren't a world class team exactly. Colombia will lose to Mexico. Netherlands get too funny under pressure - that's why they lost against Spain in 2010. That just leaves Argentina to take home the gold! (I doubt that Brazil will make it through the group stages)

Argentina is my choice because of its strikers. Leo can make difference any time. De Maria is rocket. Defense is not bad anymore. Misfield is also good. So Argentina and only Argentina. - shiblu

I got my money on Argentina I mean sure Germany's got a great defense but still they might not but they got something and that's better than nothing also Argentina has got the big four and they have some great players who can blast that ball but if SOMEHOW Argentina doesn't make it Germany will be my team

Look out Brazil... Because you will loose. Argentina WILL WIN!
They have a great line up of talented players who are extremely motivated. they have a strong defense system and the attack, well you know how awesome that is, I don't have to tell you. Host countries have not won since 1998 France, that's 16 years ago. I don't think Brazil has what it takes to win this time!

Argentina deserves the win! They have amazing players! Anyone saying Argentina has weak defense is wrong! Argentina has grown stronger in that area. On top of a better defense, the thing about Argentina that really makes the team are their incredible strikers. Messi, Di Maria, Higuain and more are the marvelous forwards of the team. Besides the fact that I am also Argentinian, I cheer for Argentina because of their soul and passion in the game. You grab that and add in talent, you've got the best team out there!

The cup will be staying in South America. It will be a great final between Germany and Argentina. Third place will go to to Colombia who will beat Spain. Sorry, but Colombia will beat Brazil in the Quarter Finals.

They have an easy way as they share group with weak countries such as Iran, Bosnia and Nigeria. Moreover, they have Messi and many talented footballers! So, they have a big chance of winning the cup.

No one can beat Argentina. If you try it hard you can easily beat the other countries. I want Argentina to be in final! Messi you can do it! Make the Argentina fan feel proud! Of u! So all the best for your team... Trust in god and if you practiced hard god will always there to help please win this game.. Try your best

Argentina has everything to win the World Cup 2014... Argentina has a great squad... And they World Class player like Messi (KING OF SOCCER), Tevez, aguero etc... They must win... Hope they win... I'm a Indian, but I love soccer... All the best to Argentina & Messi...

Classical Messi, super fast aguero, along with strikers like higuain & tevez no one can doubt that they will be the next world champs, but they have to improve their defense a bit.

Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain. You have these amazing players who can lead Argentina to glory. Just get Messi to do his best and he will produce magic. The best player in the world, maybe ever.

Argentina because they have an amazing front line most of all they have Messi teams that have played them so far practically played a 9 man defense and the don't need a defense as the saying goes the best defense is an offense

Argentina should NOT be number 3. When they went against Iran, it was 0-0 the entire time, until they called 4 extra minutes, then one of the Iranian players kicked the ball and it went to Messi, and he scored. The other times when the Iranian players "pushed" the Argentinians, Messi was kicking and he didn't score the first time or the second time. (Both times when it happened. ) The Iranian goalie kept blocking Argentina's attempts to score, and Iran kept coming REALLY close to scoring, and they played a LOT better than Argentina.

We have the best player in the world. Great defense and a great coach indeed. Argentina has a complete team in every aspect and that is why they got to the finals. They do have a lot of chances of winning. I think they are the ones that most probably win.

Argentina is the best team ever. I'm saying that as an argentinian, but we don't only have that talent and great team, we have a passion and willpower that many European people would not understand. Go Argentina! Let's become the World Cup Champions! - keyson

Great defense great midfield and brilliant attack... if they play possession no team can touch them when building up play and when its time to attack I feel sorry for the oppositions goalkeeper.

They are gonna win all of them are fantastic Messi is a awesome but as a group they will win I wish you so much luck come on come on I first sported Holland but because all of you play wonderful I sporting you for ever

I hope that Argentina will do much better with their attacking section, but defense is always play an impotent rule. I believe that Argentina will overcome all of this problems this time.