Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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21 Russia

Russia is a young country full of young players, but they still have some players with experience like Kerzhakov. Furthermore no country is really taking Russia seriously and yet they only conceded 2 goals during qualifying. As well as that Russia is the champion for beach football and mini football both times beating Brazil in the finals!

Russia has great chances of success, will beat the opponents like nothing to do and goodbye, comrades!

Russia has been absent from the world cup for a while so there coming out with fire

Russia has to win if it does not all the population in them will go sad!

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22 Canada

With out a doubt Canada will never win the world cup with the team they have.. like seriously 8-0 loss to Honduras its embarrassing. lets hope pass the first stage of qualifying in 2018!

I think Canada will win in the future like do you know how many rep soccer players that want to represent Canada in the world cup when they get older a lot look out Germany in the future Canada is going to WIN

More players play soccer then hockey and we can't even make the world cup...

Canada will win in 2018!

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23 Greece

Strong defense, top of the art counterattacks, deadly free kicks and corner kicks. Great spirit and defending a country on crisis; all you need to make it to the quarter- or semifinals.

I am from Greece and I love my country but come on we all saw how Colombia beat them and hard and come on 3/4 and even more people were cheering for Colombia, I wish them luck because they need it BADLY.

Greece has a really really big chance to surprise the world, because that's what they are famous for... I think they can make the quarter final or semi's!

Greece will win this.

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24 Switzerland

Number #6 in the world and they are at #38! What?!?!

If you win your group in Europe, you can win the cup. But they will be satisfied with reaching the semi

In My Opinion is the Best Team in the World (with a very good striker) - pm933

They were awesome this year

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25 Cameroon

Please win it would really be awesome everybody is saying they wont so they should really try because it only come every 4 years.

Samuel Eto'o the bad weapon will score 3 goals in every match so Mr opponent be ready to score 3 to 4 goals
Cameroon will play final with Germany

Mokanjo and aboubakar are going to make it a match of goals so opponents watch out

Samuel eto is the best soccer player

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26 Ireland

It is who you know and not what you know that has kept Ireland from winning anything big.

Ireland will always surprise people, just like Italy in 94, It is just a question of when.

Ireland has amazing Defenders and an ok Goal Keepers and they need to practice footwork and handling.

Ireland isn't even in the World Cup

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27 Ecuador

I play for Ecuador and we will never give up

I will always love Ecuador! Not matter what. Great team

I think Ecuador are the best team ever

They are the worst team ever

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28 Nepal

Need some time and most importantly good training facilities for the players. Need to step up the game!

Yes of course they are the real champions the only problem is that they are very proud of their economy as Nepal is an economically rich country

Nepal has lot of potential player to win the world cup

Those win by losing is the really winner. Nepal believes in loser but spiritual weinner in any field

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29 Sweden

Sweden is going to be a under dog team and take everyone by surprise this year and no one knows it...

Sweden is A Champ and every one knows that and German and Brazil is going to be kicked out

Zlatan is one of the best attacker of all time with his taekwoondo skills... they could go far

They aren't even in the world cup this year...

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30 Honduras

A few nights ago I a had a dream, but it was more like a vision. It said that Honduras will win the world cup and it showed me who will win all the matches. I didn't believe it, but it also said hat Brazil wins the first game with 3:1. Now that came true and I believe it. The final will be between Brazil and Honduras. Mexico will be the third after a match against Ecuador.

Honduras won't win but is central and North Americas greatest underdog after the brackets to make it in the World Cup

There a good team

Well for me we did not end in 31 place because in Ecuador vs Honduras they did not count us 2 goles and a penalty

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31 Afghanistan said they will win and they are a legit company by Microsoft, so it is certain they will win and I have already put on them winning the cup.

Afghanistan is the best, they will win the world cup because Afghans are amazing individuals. Afghanistan can take on Messi. If Afghan players triple team Messi and the rest go attacking including the goalie no doubt they will win against Argentina. They will also beat Spain (if they were in the world cup).

Oh yes, they will win for sure.

Afg can win the World Cup

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32 Vatican City

With Benedict in goal and Francis in the midfield there is no way the Vatican City can lose!

They have the power of God on their side.

I have a question, do Vatican City enter? Because, they are religious.

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33 Ukraine

Even though they haven't qualified, my home country should win! Ta ladno vam, cholovikam, v zhovtyy! (English; come on you men in yellow)!

Love Jay

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34 San Marino

No one expects them to win, so no one will try hard when facing them and that will give them an edge no one else has.

If they can loose 8-0 from England, how much do you think they win the world cup, plus they're not even on the qualifiers. imagine if they were in this group: Holland, Germany, Brazil, what a nightmare.

Best team in the world come on San Marino

Best team in the world

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35 Somalia

I hope if they if they have peace!

This team is Beast

Is the best team in the world

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36 Bulgaria

Bulgaria will win the world cup

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37 Indonesia

Indonesia has a great young player now, just need to wait and see... Someday Indonesia will join the world cup.

Indonesia will be the best team on the world with the best player on this team

I'm voting because I LIKE Indonesia

The Next Superb Soccer 2018

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38 Egypt

I am an Egyptian and here is my opinion about our team: IT SUCKS
The only decent player is Mohamed Salah, and even with the old better team we still never made it to the world cup... (last time we made it to the world cup was 1990)
I voted just to share my opinion about ALL the delusional people who say their teams will win the world cup... TEAMS THAT NEVER MAKE IT PAST THE GROUP STAGES. As for Egypt, a team cannot be made with one good player, and our decent player isn't really the best in the world or anything, but you never know he's not even 20

I doubt that Egypt would win the World Cup...

I am a American but Egypt is my favorite country - SBT

Best team in the world. Forget Germany, Brazil, Argentina. We are the BEST ( even though we're not in the world cup) 😅

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39 Zambia

Zambia Will never win the world cup, EVER.

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40 Romania

Romania 3 0 Hungary

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