Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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41 Tunisia

Talented players, just gotta choose the right ones!

We need to put on the right players! If we can we would have gone to the world cup! ]

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42 Iraq

We have bombs that can blow the other teams ass off the field. We win world cup easily Allah akbar alalalala

Very possible, we won the Asian cup in 2007!

Right now Iraq can't win the world cup but they have the talent to do it

Allah haha Muslims aii they are like fluffy teady bears, Iraq will never progress from the group stages in a WC

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43 Bangladesh

Bangladesh will probably use the nets for fishing!

The probability for a team to win the world cup is always positive, nice try, ha ha ha...

You only have Shakib AL Hasan.. he can only hit a cricket ball... don't dream of football

Kind me option 125

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44 Scotland

The best spirited team in the world with the best fans. Just a shame the football is not up with the fans support.
The team that success in failure.
A proud Scot I am but have to admit we are one of the worst football teams in the world when it comes to the big stage

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45 Indonesia

Indonesia has a great young player now, just need to wait and see... Someday Indonesia will join the world cup.

Indonesia will be the best team on the world with the best player on this team

Indonesia don't have a great chance but they have Emile Heskey

Indonesia sucks!

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46 South Africa

When I get older I will be stronger, don't call me freedom, just like a waving flag. Over the years South Africa have got stronger and stronger until this year. They did not Qualify. I thought that after Nelson Mandela died they would become unbeatable but no they didn't qualify.

We may not be in the World Cup but in the next few years you'll be seeing miracles from this team. After all they did beat Spain 1-0

Wait until SA win the world cup only if I am given a chance to play nationally.

47 Sri Lanka

If Dilshan strikes early along with Lasith, and with the strong defense of Sanga and Mahela Lankans have a really good chance of making into semis.

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48 Jamaica

Usain bolt is nearly in the man you team, so surely they will win!

They can win when I start playing

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49 Philippines

The Philippines will win the World Cup in 2050, 2054, and 2058.

They have great forwards. No defense

Philippines can be in the world cup

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50 Cuba

Cuba is totally going to win if good players like Osvaldo Alonso, Maykel Galindo and Lester More stop going to the U.S. and left the Cuban Team

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51 Poland

Best team in the world with Lewandowski

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52 Ethiopia

With their complex diet of sand and flip flops Ethiopia have a higher chance than any.

They have a very beautiful tiki-taka style of football like Barcelona but Nigeria hold them at the playoff for WC2014 due to lack of experience. They would have been a surprise had they qualify for the world cup. They have a players like Saladin Seid, Getaneh Kebede who are deadly strikers who can create goals from no where.

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53 Thailand

What is world cup?

Thai have messithailand that is me

I come from thailan

We have Voravee Makudee!

54 Madagascar

Madagascar eat vanilla ice cream so Madagascar will win. All our children pick vanilla from the age of 2 so we will win. Over 90% of our people are in poverty so we will win!

We win we good talented new players with new manager GO Madagascar

Madagascar will win because we've amazing players especially our winger Julien "the King". Also we've amazing physical players like our former New York Giants player Alex Lion. Marty Zebra ain't bad easier but Melman Giraffe always has some stupid injury or illness. The fossa our also lethal, really lethal. And Gloria Hippo wins every match for our women's team. We also have the world's best steak.

55 Hong Kong

Hong Kong can use dim sum and egg tarts to make their opponents full and then they will win all the matches!

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56 Malaysia

Malaysia has maggie to help them.

Malaysia is a good team. So it has chance to come FIFA world cup any time.

My best Nation Football Association

Malaysia is the top team.

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57 Albania

I think this is the best team in soccer

One of the best team in Planet Earth

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58 New Zealand

Nz is the best country in the world...

Laugh out loud


But they suck at soccer

I live in Newzealand but I think the ALL BLacks are the stand out for newzealand but there is a lot of talent here in NZ. Newzealand is awesome.

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59 Tanzania

Not going to win, rubbish attacking, defensive and midfield.

60 El Salvador

El Salvador has a new squad and the way they stood up to Spain was amazing and I know one day they will become great

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