Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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61 El Salvador

El Salvador has a new squad and the way they stood up to Spain was amazing and I know one day they will become great

62 Vanuatu

They have young players who are underrated, fast and aggressive but they don't have the infrastructure and funds to improve the players, Vanuatu needs a coach from outside the country.

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63 American Samoa

The worst team ever no way they would ever make it to the World Cup they lost to Australia 31-0 they would be lucky if they scored a goal

64 Algeria

Underdog.. You never know what they have up there sleeve.

Algeria will definitely win the world cup 2014... simply because it is team number one in the whole world

Made it to the round of 16 should be ranked higher and it was only 1-0 Germany

They are way better than Malta.

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65 South Korea

They are good too laugh out loud

South Korea have. So. Much. Potential.

They have some fast players, but for the rest they are the worst.

I am Korean and I say thanks to all you positive people out there

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66 Ghana

They have a very strong team this year, they went to quarterfinals last year and this year they are going further! They should definitely be higher up the list

Are you serious? 96? Kind of racist how the all black teams are in the nineties. Ghana scored a draw with Germany 2-2, so yes, Ghana is a very strong team

Ghana will find a way to make it happen

Ghana was good this year

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67 Iran

There are 32 teams in world cup and Iran is 44th? Come on!

Nigeria is not better than Iran

'Best' is in the eye of beholder! As much we like to be realistic and we know magic only happens in the movies, we still dream of impossibilities. I know Iran is ranked number 44th in the World Cup, but Iran's 11 gladiators are the best and they will magically win the World Cup.

Iran suck

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68 India

One day we rock like we did in Cricket... Our next generation is for Football and Olympics... Its just because we have huge population with large population we can challenge anyone in this world

India don't want to spend money on it's players. youth likes football but only in some regions. It is quite difficult to play during summer. Genetic factor will always be there which don't support Indians.

Soon we will be on the grounds for playing in FIFA. This time not but next time with surety we rock.

India can only be good in sex ( increasing the population )

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69 Papua New Guinea

If nuclear armageddon annihilates every other country on the planet - guess whos gonna step up? That's right - Vanuatu. whoops! I mean PNG

70 Israel

Jesus is the best person and very nice his country is not so bad dudes

Israel have been becoming better after every game. If they put pressure they could do good.

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71 Nigeria

Nigeria can collect the cup as African first to do so if the confidence is there in the players

They need it and they want it bad this time. I believe through determination and awesome coordination by the team coach, Nigeria could take this home.

I wonder why they not in the top ten with strong defensive and attacking options and a very good finisher like Emenike

There a good team with fantasic players

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72 Singapore

Singapore?! They're not even in the world cup! Even if they were they'd be out in the first match

Singapore don't even know that they got in

Try not even in the world cup

Laugh out loud they will obviuosly win it!

73 Ivory Coast

Have some good player!

My Bff picked Ivory Coast out of a basket at school POOR HER! But I think I did well as I got Germany luckily for me the winner gets a epic IPad mini a massive chocolate bar and a £20 voucher!

The best attacking team with lots of brilliant players. they might do wonders

They've got what it takes to make it pretty far; a solid attack between Drogba and Gervinho. They can certainly make it out of the group stage, if they can just tie England...

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74 Bosnia and Herzegovina

I think everyone forgot the new and small Bosnia. Besides being a small team, Bosnia made it great at the qualification, showing be as great as the glorified England. If the team work hard as they did in the qualifications, Bosnia will for sure be one of the finalists, and who knows, win the competition.

I don't think Bosnia will win, but they deserve to be in the top 15 at least. If euphoria doesn't hit the team, they might even reach the quarter-finals!

They made the most goals in the qualifications

Sorry to say but Bosnia is already certain to not qualify for the round of 16.

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75 Turks and Caicos Islands

Never ever would this team reach it into the world cup. They wouldn't even be able to score a goal. They have probably got the worst team on the planet. If they are lucky they might score 1 or 2 goals. They are that bad.

With the likes of john smith, the Caicos will win the tournament.

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76 Panama

Panama should be debuting in the world cup except that the US decided to help Mexico - oh well..

Panama will continue to cry every 4 years about why they did not make the World Cup.

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77 North Korea

Kim Jong Un masterplan will unfold, sabotaging the World Cup, therefore enabling his team to win. You just wait, it may happen...

North Korea... Well ther is a lot to say about them and right now the thing to say is they will win, I have not been forced to say this and I am not going to be eaten alive by hyenas if I don't so go support Korea. As there great motto tells us "if we don't win then everyone should die" go Korea

They could learn from their mistakes

Uhm, the country is not even allowed to particapate so yeah, screw you

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78 Myanmar

If world cup held in Myanmar, surely they will.

79 Lebanon

Lebanon is progressing with its good team, we hope he will enter the FIFA world cup maybe 2018, but will surely do it one day

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80 Solomon Islands

They will win the world cup.

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