Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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61 American Samoa

The worst team ever no way they would ever make it to the World Cup they lost to Australia 31-0 they would be lucky if they scored a goal

62 Panama

Panama should be debuting in the world cup except that the US decided to help Mexico - oh well..

Panama will continue to cry every 4 years about why they did not make the World Cup.

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63 Myanmar

If world cup held in Myanmar, surely they will.

64 Lebanon

Lebanon is progressing with its good team, we hope he will enter the FIFA world cup maybe 2018, but will surely do it one day

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65 Solomon Islands

They will win the world cup.

66 Slovakia

They could win the World Cup, but at Ice Hockey, laugh out loud. Football too, if they can take the pride and play for The Nation.

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67 Uzbekistan

Such a great team and are all better than Messi also they get 2pounds every ti e they play! 2 full pounds

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68 Palestine

Palestine could also win FREE PALESTINE

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69 Cape Verde

It's is a great team and they were qualified to World Cup but FIFA are so racist that they don't want them to be there so they disqualified us after winning the Match vs Turkey 2-0. We got great players such as (Rodrigues, gege, heldon, varela)...

70 Saudi Arabia

They should have a World Cup for woman maybe then we will win. It is so unfair that only men play.

Saudi Arabia will win the world cup when they let their woman play

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71 China

They suck well the ball was coming and the goal keeper was running so slow and it went into the goal fail laugh out loud

China sucks ballz. They didn't even make it in. How embarrising! Tch tch tch.

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72 Kenya

I'm from Kenya but Kenya is not so good in soccer but there is a lot of talent in Kenya, but Kenya is amazing in Rugby. Kenya rocks

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73 Democratic Republic of the Congo

This is very racist you should be reported thanks

This team is the best

74 Morocco

This team will definitieve suprise if they could past the qualifications to the world cup tournament. The players are techinally and known as the North-African Brazilian team.
The only key factor here is to get the right coach and get rid of the politic influence who is dominating the coach.
Give Morocco an expertise coach with experience of European league and Morocco Will definitely show amazing soccer.

75 Jordan

If they spend 1% of what the other teams spend on soccer they can easily win it, very bright and talented team! Love it.

They have a good future in soccer

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76 Maldives

Due to global warming and rising sea levels, Maldives has moved away from soccer to water sports.

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77 Kuwait

Here are my top 3 favorite teams 1. Netherlands 2. Brazil 3 Germany

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78 Peru

Because the seventies were great for disco, and for Peruvian soccer! And because prosperous economy will result in great soccer! (someday)

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79 Haiti

They have the best players

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80 Norway

Norway has a good team, with a fully understanding coach. Who has an eye for ball possesing teams like Argentina and Spain. Norway has the strength and are dominating the air, with Brede Hangeland. And I think that nobody will score as many goals as Norway by only using their head

Don't forget that Norway has viking blood, they are strong you know, and with a aggressive offense, and a laidback and solid defense they are possible able to win the WORLD CUP 2014

They really suck, but I'm Norwegian, so I have to support my country, right? :P

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