Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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81 Norway

Norway has a good team, with a fully understanding coach. Who has an eye for ball possesing teams like Argentina and Spain. Norway has the strength and are dominating the air, with Brede Hangeland. And I think that nobody will score as many goals as Norway by only using their head

Don't forget that Norway has viking blood, they are strong you know, and with a aggressive offense, and a laidback and solid defense they are possible able to win the WORLD CUP 2014

They really suck, but I'm Norwegian, so I have to support my country, right? :P

82 Puerto Rico

Is a growing team and in the future will mostly qualify to a world cup like Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad y Tobago and Cuba a list of caribbean teams that have made it Puerto Rico is good and has a potential youth future that will developed to qualify probably like for 2022 or 2026 maybe even 2018

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83 Finland

They will use their Nokia phones and connect with each player in the field and help the other team move to the next stage as quickly as they can. GO Finland :-/

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84 Serbia

Well, not really. But if they combined Srerbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia again. Politically perhaps not smart, but sports teams would be pretty good again.

85 Greenland
86 Tibet

Tibet will win this time have they have messi, Ronaldo, suarez, neymar, torres etc.

Definitely tibet will win world cup. They have better player like C. Ronaldo n E. Hazard.. perfect team tibet..

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87 Denmark

I am danish Denmark has won world cups before so cheere them up to get the world in their hands again

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88 Montserrat
89 Bhutan

The Land Of Thunder Dragon Rocks!

90 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe are just terrible but if mugabe was playing it would be a different story

Mugarbage might use Nikuv to twist the results, like he did witht he 2013 Elections... he and ZPF could win easily that way!

91 Eritrea

One of the first 10 teams in the world

92 Czech Republic

I like this team, I am czech. Iwas sad they didn't get to the FIFA world cup 2014 Brazil, but was pleased that Germany won!

Czech Republic is the best one to win please share this with my and also give like to Czech Republic please please people or children and my name is Yarkasina Creotiu, ma. sorry for that long name but it's my name bye bye but don't forget to like for Czech Rebpublic. Thank you for reading this report and please like bye bye see you soon with now news.

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93 Guyana Guyana

They can do it! They have so many good players like... umm... Is Guyana even a real country?

94 Sudan
95 Venezuela

What why are they not on this list

96 Brunei
97 Korea Republic

They are really awesome even at games like baseball and stuff 2002 Korea got into the semi final and came 4th

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98 Vietnam

Vietnam can get into the World Cup

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99 Dominican Republic

They will win the World Cup, they have the best team and best players at the World Cup 2014

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100 Togo
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