Portugal, seems to have the better of complete teams in the world. Facing the world champs Spain 4 years ago proved that they were on the verge of a spectacular finish. 1 goal was the difference and the winner of that game went to win everything, which could have gone either way. 4 years ago it could have gone either way, but this is 2014. Portugal has the right chemistry right now, all they need is for the greatest in the world to show up! Ronaldo scores, Portugal advances... This could be the last World Cup for the great one as a starter, so I believe the team wants to make it a great finish.

Portugal is actually a very strong team... to me they r 2nd likely to win after Germany... Their goalkeeper is very strong and has very fast reflexes and is able to save each ball from passing the goal line... The biggest advantage for Portugal is Cristiano Ronaldo, with his one of a kind skills, he is able to play strong offense and it has been proven by scientists that Ronaldo is able to jump higher than a average NBA player. Plus, he has one of the strongest and most impressive kicks during free kicks, corner kick and naturally when playing. Also Cristiano has a lot of experience playing because of the many clubs he has participated in and currently is playing for real Madrid and for the national Portugal team. This is why Portugal might be the winner of the World Cup 2014 but no one knows what will happen... Clearly I'm a Portugal fan but I know that both Germany and Brasil are great teams but Portugal might be able to win with skill and luck... This is why I think Portugal might ...more

I have been doing some research on Portugal now that I know that they are in USA'S group and wow do they have a lot of good players playing in all the major leagues, and in my opinion the world's best player Ronaldo. I think they can beat any team on any given day so long as they are healthy. We are going to get a good preview of that on Portugal very first match. They are going up against the all mighty Germany. I am curious to see how it will end.

Best player in the world - Ronaldo and Nani can make world cup history

Simply because Portugal is the only national football team in the world capable of beating Spain or Brazil in this World Cup.

I know Portugal is going to win because they have showed that they are better than any other team in the 2014 World Cup and if you do not agree with me there they also have the best player in the world which is Ronaldo and they have other great players like Nani Bruno Alves there is tons of others but if I did all of them I would be here all day typing this

Portugal has a few new star players to watch out for with a lot of confidence, and Ronaldo is on fire this year, I think Portugal will be on the final.

Portugal will go far this world cup!

They are a great team you can't count on Ronaldo to do his job and score the goals for Portugal and pepe to do his job and not concede any goals they will win and be the best team there ever was

Portugal has got a lot going for it Lately. Ronaldo is in great form and scores a goal in every game, Quaresma is also having an amazing return to form at Porto, scoring amazing wonder goals. William Carvalho is one of the best DMF in Europe at the moment. Pepe, is also having a great season. They seem to be really clicking at the moment. I think when they beat Germany and top the group people will see just how good this team is.

Portugal will win definitely win they have deserved to win many times bot they didn't but now with Ronaldo winning the FIFA Ballon d or and being the leader goal scorer he show the world.

Portugal will definitely win, this year we are very strong right now strong enough to beat Germany. Ronaldo will shove in 3 goals into the net of Germany we will move on to face Russia in group of 16 win then face Argentina in quarter finals win then we will face Spain in semi finals win and then we will face Germany/Brazil in finals and we will win. THE CUP IS OURS!

Portugal wil win not just because they have the best player in the world because they all have chemistry they are a very well coached team. And if they all work together they will win the world cup for sure. The team can not be self centerd everyone has to work hard and they will Portugal has put sweat into the ground for hours and deserve to win but they will have to work I am sertend that if the play like they should the will be in the finals

ALL we need is to play with confidence an as a team and leave the rest to Ronaldo to put on a good show.
If he is in good form for this world cup along with the other strikers, mid field and defense and by that I mean you PEPE, Ronaldo will establish himself as one of the greats by winning the world just like maradona and pele all greats. And if Portugal wins the world, sorry Messi you got to face the fact that Ronaldo is better! No excuses what so ever.

My favorite team is Portugal with Ronaldo, Pepe and the likes. Although they do have a good team their first game against Germany will be the deciding game of their tournament. If they win then I think they have a chance to win but if they don't they will have to fight from behind.

Portugal will win the FIFA world cup with Cristiano Ronaldo on their squad anything is possible

The portuguese team has a very good chance of emerging as world cup holders. They have a good goalkeeper and there defense is hard to penetrate. There attack is almost unstoppable with Ronaldo in great form. Portugal deserve to win the cup after a lot of hard work they have put into their squad

Portugal will beat Argentina in the final (3-1). Ronaldo will proof he's the best football player ever.

If Ronaldo wants to be a true legend he will need to win the world cup at least once, that's why he will be going all out in Brazil this year, and with the strong team they have got and with hard work I believe Portugal can win the world cup!

Well I guess the way Portugal won against Sweden in Do or Die Qualifying Match.. was very impressive. with that win, I feel Portugal has the ability to fight against any side.

They are the strong Contenders...

There are several teams that are able to win the competition. But there aren't a lot of teams like Portugal and Brazil. The passion these 2 countries always show in all competitions goes beyond any technical skill. I would honestly love to have a Brazil vs. Portugal final and I would also love to see the portuguese win their deserved cup... they've been deserving it since Euro 2004.

Depending on the result on group stage and the way how they will engage in the match, they can make the surprise. The biggest problem of Portugal is themself. When they are winning they slow down they engagement and they make final result bad. They have strong capacity to score goals with good scorer (Ronaldo of course but not only him).

The only team I will vote for is Portugal this is the number one team Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world like he will do tricks on you that you will be like what were the ball guess what to late he ready shot and scored I want and bet this team could win

They have the players and the skills to do well. only downside is the fact that all there top players are playing for other clubs throughout the year and develop very little combined games. there big tester is there first match against Germany. I don't blame Ronalado for trying to do too much on his own!

The way Portugal played against Germany, I don't think they will make it to the quarter final rounds if they continue playing in that manner. They have really good players in their team but they need to get their act together.