Teams Most Likely to Win Euro 2012

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The Top Ten

1 Germany

I think Germany is the best team for wining euro 2012. They have a wonderful team in my choice and also a few days ago I saw Germany took a nice win in a match versus Spain.

Has to be Germany, they're the team which look the strongest before the start of the tournament

Germany is definitely better than Spain.
Considering Bayern Munich defeated Real Madrid - jijosunny

2 Spain
3 Holland

I supported Holland in the World cup they didn't win but they came very close, think they could win euro!

4 Portugal

It has a very good goalkeeper and in my opinion it has the best player in the world cristiano Ronaldo and it has won the 2010 world cup against Spain and Spain is number 2 in the list

5 Ireland

Some players we have keane, dunne, given, mcgeady, duff, long if you want some more check out my list of best Irish players of 2012 and we have a tough group but Ireland have proven they always get through tough grops in big compettions such as italia '90 and Germany 90' and the one in 2002 wh - aido17

Go Ireland!
Jedward makes the best team and we all love them so much their hair is amazing... Vote jedward to win eurovision 2012..

6 France
7 England

Dark horses this time around. Europe has written england off this cup but that might be what england need to creep in to the very latter stages unnoticed... And go on to win it

8 Italy
9 Russia
10 Sweden

The Contenders

11 Poland

They are the home side.. Thus have a tremendous advantage...
Moreover, they have a very promising young goalkeeper in the form of Wojciech Schzeny and Germany's top striker in Robert Lewandowski...
Leave alone inexperience, they are the biggest threat this term to the giants and maybe, we could witness a miracle