Teams Most Likely to Win Premier League 2012-2013

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1 Man.Utd

United always find more determination to win when challenged, which is why they have never gone more than 2 years without winning the prem, I reckon they will iron out the mistakes on the newer team that lost them the title last year and get the 20th in 12 months time.

Valencia, Park, Welbeck, Scholes (perhaps), Nani and Kagawa (perhaps).

As a Manchester United support I'd say:
1. Manchester United (Kagawa, Valencia and Van Persie will be the key)
2. Chelsea (Perhaps they will struggle with the other top teams, however I think they will show more determination to beat the smaller teams)
3. Manchester City (A few shocking results, I predict)
4. Everton (Solid all round team)
5. Swansea (Hard team to break down and now with a better attack)

They have won it...

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2 Tottenham
3 Chelsea Chelsea

With lampard, mata, torres, cole, terry, hazard, marin, and more.. Manu and city are gonna have some competition

Terry, Lampard, Cole, Marko Marin, Torres, Modric perhaps

Lampard, torres, drogba and cole - aido17

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4 Arsenal Arsenal

Their current squad plus the newly signed player (s) like Lukas Podolski should be able to win.

With signings such as podolski, the gunners also started showing interest early for players such as M'vila and Giroud showing their intent on ending the 7 year drought. Consider that and the new gunners coming in such as miyaichi, lansbury, campbell and the return of wilshere and hopefully diaby, the gunners will be a true threat next season!

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5 Liverpool

Do hardwork at defense line, I'm sure that other will finish with 100% effort! You will win this time! Best of luck liverpool! You will never walk alone

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6 Man.City

I think city have a big chance with the superstars who have been brought. In and the new manager has a good future good luck city

With todays league win, which they deserved I feel so happy for the die hard city fans, city can only get stronger, well done and may many more come our way..

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7 Newcastle

Inman, Ranger, get some young bloods in the team. Help boost things along.

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8 Everton Everton

Fellani, cahill, howard abd jelavic - aido17

9 Sunderland
10 Southampton

The Contenders

11 Reading
12 Fulham Fulham

Duff, johnson, risse and dempsey - aido17

13 Wigan

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