Teams Who Should Have Won the Amazing Race Canada Season 1


The Top Ten

1 Jet & Dave

Jet and Dave were my favorite team until their ending at St. Johns Newfoundland

2 Vanessa & Selina
3 Tim Sr. & Tim Jr.

They should have been out, twice. But they win the entire thing. - Jetticus12

4 Jody & Cory
5 Hal & Joanne
6 Treena & Tennille
7 Kristen & Darren
8 Jamie & Pierre
9 Holly & Brett

Holly is a whiny pants! Plus, their doctors. They should be able to afford the prizes. - Jetticus12

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Top Remixes

1. Tim Sr. & Tim Jr.
2. Jet & Dave
3. Hal & Joanne
1. Jet & Dave
2. Jody & Cory
3. Tim Sr. & Tim Jr.


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