Best Teams Who Made Soccer History

The Top Ten

1 Brazil

The Brazilian team or, el Seleção is the best country who participated in soccer tournaments. This country has the biggest soccer legends: Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, zizinho, zico, socrates, tostao... They won the all time 5 world cups and no other team distraught this record. But Germany and Italy are fighting for getting the fifth world cup winning. Brazil won in 1958,1962,1970, 1994 and 2002. Brazil has the all time best dribbler ever, Ronaldinho and the top 3 far goals ever from David Luiz, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos.

2 England

The British team: England created the soccer. That's why they are experts. England has the most experimental players: Billy Wright, Bobby Moore, Frank lampard, Ashley Cole, John Terry, Gary Cahill... England also has the best defenders and has the best league the famous Barclays Premier League with the best sponsor. They have the greatest teams and they always, the defender award of the year is a defender from the BPL.

3 Germany

The DFB-MAANSCHAFT team is a team who reached the most finals of a world cup. This team is also the second most qualified to a world cup after Brazil with 20. They won the all time biggest winning in the world cup semi finals 2014 score against Brazil 7-1. Germany has the all time top world cup scorer Miroslav Klose with 16 goals and the golden boot Thomas muller of 2010 and the golden boot 2nd place after the Colombian James Rodriguez with 6 goals in 2014

4 Italy
5 Argentina
6 Uruguay
7 Netherlands
8 Spain
9 Portugal
10 France

The Contenders

11 Hungary
12 Sweden
13 Norway
14 Denmark
15 Greece
16 Czech Republic
17 Croatia
18 Chile
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