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I'm Sorry, I Love You

How can I not be touched? The drama is full of sacrifices for sake of others... But I wonder if there are such sad stories in the world

Wrong ending, but loved the overall series.


Why is this so low? Is it because it's an old drama? I swear you can't top this. Masterpiece from So Ji Sub and I'm So Jung.

So sad. Slightly better than Secret Garden.

49 Days

Every actors acting is on point especially Lee Yo-won as she is playing two rules (song lee-kyung and shin ji-hyun). Absolutely love Lee Yo-won and scheduler chemistry. It is a real heart-breaking love story would recommend this drama big time. This is my 5th time watching it and yet knowing the whole story yet it brings tears in my eyes.

This is my favorite drama. I can feel every each and every emotion. I have seen it 3 times now and still feel it all every time.

Truly good drama except for the ending which was a let down.

Unexpected twists and revelations every episode! Great acting from the casts!

That Winter, the Wind Blows

My first Korean drama.. cried half the series.

I still cry when I think of this drama. The story develops really slowly, so for some people this may be too draggy. But I actually liked the fact that the story didn't rush anything. In fact I though it helped me get more emotionally involved with all the characters. This is also one of the few dramas that had a villian I actually liked.

Very slow drama, the storyline wasn't good

Cried a lot in this drama.


Very well done. I felt every heartache of Hwang Jung Eum. I cried every time she cried. This drama goes really high on my top recommended shows to watch. If you haven't watched this yet, well your lost.

Amazing drama! And if you have watched kill me heal me you will love it! It has the same lead actor and actress! Anyway watch one than watch the other you will love it

I am glad I got to watch 'Secret'. I believe not a single person on earth is dumb enough to miss this drama. Certainly the best!

Best dramatic drama ever just my tears fall like a river

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The first tragedy drama in a long list of Korean drama and after I finished it, my heart aches until I re-watched the last episode and cried for first time for dramas.

I did not know a tear jerker before moonlovers. The heartache could barely ease before another river flowed from my eyes, this drama please. And the way that ost made things worse I had to get the ost. The ending broke my heart the most. Watch it, cry with me.

The most I've ever cried during a drama, but it was so well done, I love it. Will watch it again

This was one of the most heartbreaking dramas I've ever seen. I don't think you will ever watch a drama that hurts more then this one it's a must watch.

The Princess' Man

I like the plot but the storyline is too sad considering all the pain that they went through to be together in the end. A very good period drama.

The best movie I've ever seen. I would totally recommend it. There are too many conflicts but I love it!

I literally cried when this ended. The story was amazing!

One of the best korean historical drama I have ever watched!

Tree Of Heaven

I love it I cry like a baby

me too

It's very sad story,love story. I watch it for 5's very make me touched. I'm crying. Lee wan and park shin hye just a great couple in this drama.

Sad Love Story

The best drama ever made in the world even twelve years old the drama is still gold

For me this one really devastating

Oh my god, so sad, but I love it!

I cried a lot

Stairway to Heaven

Every time I watch it... My tears never seem to stop. It's so heartbreaking. It gets me every time I watch it. If you haven't seen this I'm sorry but you don't know what tear jerker is...

Still makes me bawl after watching it seventeen times!

I agree, its been years since I watched it. Still makes me sigh when I think of it. Very impressive...

This is the epic Korean melodrama of all time

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Nice Guy (The Innocent Man)

Nice story, you will feel fully involved with the story. All the actors have done amazing job specially the guy playing lead character and the lady playing negative character. Story pace is good too. It will definitely make you cry. A happy ending that was not happy at all. It is definitely recommendable for those who wants to see something dramatic

It's the best drama ever...

This was like nearly the first Korean drama that I watched and it totally blew me away. I cried so hard at some of the scenes. I could literally empathize with moon chae won. Her acting was great. Joong ki was just perfect. His personality in this drama suited him so well. I love it!

This show is about human greed and all characters are gray which I love. It will make you cry every episode guaranteed. My favorite show.

Snow Queen

I cried a lot while watching this KD.

sad drama

Empress Ki

This is the best k-drama I have ever watched and is so HEARTBREAKING! Ha Ji Won is the best! I can tell there was so much effort put into this drama and into really send the emotions to the people watching it. EMPRESS KI, WHY ARE YOU SO SAD AND SO GOOD!

The best. Hands down to Ha Ji Won and JI Chang Wook.

Secret Garden

Actually I love almost 10 of the drama, but this one was the one that touched me the most.



Tear jerker in a sense that I finished the drama but I still don't want it to end.

BEST STORY EVER! You will surely fall in love

That scene when Hyun Bin wrote the letter.

Thank You

Love the story line, the two lead actors/actress as well as the supporting casts

How come this doesn't have more vote? this will really make your soul melting, especially near the end I was quite impressed about everything, especially the child actress and her bond with the people close to her.

This is one of my favorite Korean dramas!

Rooftop Prince

The song "Hurt" in the ost made some parts even sadder I was bawling but its was worth such a good show

It has been a while since I watched this show but I can clearly recall all the tears.

Good family show. Instead of watching those American reality show

So sad because they definitely could not be together

Inspiring Generation
The Heirs

This drama is very emotional to me. The two main characters' relationship is going through so many obstacles when they're so young. It's sort of an forbidden love. And thanks to that, it's very tear jerking in each of the episodes. I mean like, the characters keep on struggling though life.

WOW had me from the beginning and didn't stop crying for the last four episodes. It is the best one I have seen so far. I loved it.

I honestly watched it because of Lee Min Ho oppa.. But the plot is amazing. Best ost ever.. LOVED it

It was my first proper drama with actual actors not just kpop idols so it was very emotional I re watched it a couple months after finishing it and understood why it was so sad because I just cried cause they weren't together after understanding the more social hierarchy side of things I was able tounderstand and have a firmer hold on the concept.

I Miss You

I recommend to all who love romance story, it's about love since you are sweet 14... I can watch this over and over again. Even both the child actor were good, park Yoon chun good act, the girl is so beautiful

Best best best, the story is touching and the actors were super good, they put their heart abd soul in the movie

Oh my god it's one of the best dramas ever ugh just thinking about it makes me choke up

I cried a river in this one... No doubt of yoon hye skill

Angel Eyes

I bawled my eyes out. Jung Hwa will touch you and every reflection going forward will bring the tears. I ordered the DVD set from Korea, I'm in the US, and ordered of eBay a replica of the necklace Dong Joo gave So Wan. Beautiful.

The plot of the story is good. The lead actor and lead actress has a chemistry. They look good together. I love the music it touches the heart.

It took me long to finish this drama but it was worth it so sad

A superb drama. A must to watch!

Winter Sonata

Just watched the whole thing in two days. When you start watching you just have to continue until it's done. This movie has made me cry just thinking about it. The songs are amazing and I fell in love with the actors and movie straight away

This drama is my starting point in watching Korean drama. I love the lead actor and actress they give justice to their roles. Hoping for their reunion through another drama.

Lived in Chun Cheon for awhile where much of this video takes place... Met my wife there and this drama really brought back memories of when we fell in love. Didn't care for the ending but the trip made up for the fail at the end.

Got me hooked on Korean dramas.

Playful Kiss

What can I say. I just love Kim Hyun Joong

I am surprised it is heart breaking though

Noway even though this drama is cool but it doesn't make u cry


Autumn in My Heart

This one takes the cake - way back in year 2000. This K-drama was the top in most Asian countries. particularly in Malaysia, I watched the first 5 episodes. It gets into me so deeply that made me to buy the entire box set of that drama. Love Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Kyo's chemistry in every scenes they were together. At one point I thought they were real couple. That goes to show how effective and soulful their work in that drama. Really recommended to all to see - make this as your first ever Korean drama before exploring the others. You certainly won't regret. Tear jerker drama. The soundtracks are just superb, I may not understand the lyrics but the vocalists' presentation of that song moved mountain for me. Impressive work by them.

I cry just thinking about it

This is the one, should be in top 3 (together with 49 days, one of the best hands down)
really good, great storyline and of course Song Hye Kyo is always nice to look at.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say this is the best kdrama to ever exist. The plot is amazing and the acting is so realistic. I cried a river and I still get tearful thinking about it. I love the cast so much! I really want to find another drama like it. This drama will always have a place in my heart.

Remember: War of the Son


This is the best So far :D :D :D

My Love From Another Star

Very romantic drama ever

My fv8 Korean drama. Kim so hyun's acting was very cool

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