Top 10 Most Teary-Eyed Avengers: Endgame Moments

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1 Tony Stark's Death Scene

Thanos - sacrificed his daughter for a better world for himself.
Tony - sacrificed himself for a better world for his daughter.

It was a predictable death unfortunately, because I knew all too well that he might die. However the way the movie presented his sacrifice impacted every fan who loved Robert Downey Jr's character. I can't express how much I loved Iron Man since he was my first hero when I watched the first film in 2008. Iron Man is the functioning heart of the avengers.

Now I know why Peter said "everywhere I go, I see his face" in Spiderman Far From Home. It also confirmed the Avengers movies are over.

That's what happens when you get get invested into a character you've known for a full decade. And yes, I think they gave Stark a great sendoff that is very true to his character development.

2 Black Widow's Death Scene

This was a really sad part! She didn't even get to fight the epic battle. And the look on Hawkeye's face made Black WIdow's death sadder! :'( I hope the upcoming Black Widow movie is a sequel of the MCU so she comes back!

I got more teary-eyed in this than Iron Man's death scene to be honest. I honestly have no idea why.

I’m pretty shocked that she didn’t get a funeral like Tony Stark. Her death scene was so sad!

3 Captain America and Peggy Dance

It finally happened!

Should be number 2 this was the saddest thing about the first Captain America movie having him wake up in the future not being able to have that dance 15 movies later we finally get that closure a truly beautiful moment

4 Hawkeye's Family Turns Into Dust
5 Loki Cameo

I wish he was alive. Or is he? 😏

6 Thor Talks with His Mother
7 Sam Wilson Becomes the New Captain America

Isn't Steve Rogers have super serum in him? The Falcon isn't a super soldier

8 Scott Lang Reunites with His Daughter
9 Endgame's Big Battle
10 Spider-Man Returns

This got a huge cheer from the theater.

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11 Spider-Man Cries on Iron Man
12 Rocket and Nebula Mourn the Guardians of the Galaxy
13 The Avengers that Were Turned to Dust Come Back

I was bawling my eyes out by the time Captain America said “Avengers, ASSEMBLE! ”

14 The Death of Thanos (Original Timeline)

I think the death of Thanos was quite a shocker and it had a certain amount of Sadness with it because of the fact that his death was pointless, he was killed and the thirst for revenge at least for Thor was quenched, yet it felt just empty and devoid of any meaning.

Hence the death of the original Thanos has got to be a really sad moment since it had no implications and was completely pointless.

I'm gonna miss you dad 😔

15 Fat Thor
16 Thor Retires
17 Hawkeye Cries at Black Widow's Death

I felt bad for him! The look on his face was really sad.

18 Make Way for Tomorrow Today (Emotional) Version Plays at the End of the Credits
19 Tony Stark's Death Message
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