Top Tech / Computer Annoyances

Anyone in constant contact with the technology world is bound to have his/her share of annoyances about it. Here are things I get the most annoyed about.

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1 The direction Microsoft is going

Windows 95 / 2000 were decent operating systems. XP was excellent. Sure, Vista was a flop, but they came back with 7--which is a very solid and pretty OS. Lately, however, they are *really* ticking me off.
"Internet explorer 9/10"?... Sorry, not any faster, or more stable, or more secure, still no better at supporting web standards, and only slightly less ugly; but that's only because they ripped off Chrome's design.
"Bing search"? Really?!?! No way are you going to make a dent in Google; so stop the smarmy ads and accept the fact that nobody is EVER going to say "Hmm, I don't know! Let's go Bing it! " No. Just... No.
"Windows 8". Words fail me. Microsoft, you are trying to compete with not only Windows 7, Linux, Mac OSX, and Chrome OS, but also iOS and the mighty Android. You turned your desktop OS into an iPad, and your iPad into a half-baked desktop OS. It's horrible for multitasking / productivity / power use (read: a workplace ...more

Internet explorer is pretty horrid, Windows 8 is awful for professional use, and Bing is just annoying.

2 "You do graphics work? You must be a Mac user"
3 Apple's attitude
4 Governments trying to control the internet
5 Facebook
6 Technically incompetent people

"My Microsoft isn't working. How do I fix it? "
"Could you convert that to Word real quick? "
I have done a fair amount of tech support, whether it was for family, friends, or clients. The most consistently annoying people are the ones who fail to understand even on the most basic level HOW A COMPUTER / OPERATING SYSTEM WORKS.
Actual examples:
From a client wanting a promotional video: "We appreciate that you sent us the video as a 720p widescreen MP4 file on a data disk. However we would like you to send it as a playable DVD to ensure the highest quality. Thank you. "
From a client wanting an image for a flyer: "Can you send me a PDF to forward to [end client] and for my records. The file you sent is a.jpg file and it may cause him problems with editing. "

7 "You get what you pay for"
8 iTunes

The absolute most annoying, insane program on any Apple user's computer. One time I paused a download, and when I unpaused it, the blue loading bar actually went off the window beyond 100%. What?!

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