Top Ten Tech Fails

These tech fails are the ones that are gonna make you cry in the dumbness don't add any stupid stuff on it please.

The Top Ten

1 Steve Ballmer

Microsoft, you whouldnt be an underdog today if you didn't hire him. He's responsible for vista, zune, xbone, and 8. Yes you hired a new one but the Damage is done. Dam you ballmer dam you all to hell!

2 Windows 8

Was for tablets or desktops I don't know. What I do know it's a piece of failure. What they should've did was make one version for laptops desktops and one for tablets. But no they just had to do metro Ai which is stupid and it's hard to use just rush out 9 already

3 Puck Mouse

Another flop by apple. Enough said

4 Xbox One

This is trash! With the terrible windows 8 interface. Hypingness. And possible rrod PlayStation will sweep in to claim the market

5 Wii U

This is stupid. So dream cast
1. Screen of controller
2. Sonic exclusive
3. One year before Xbox and PlayStation
4. Poor third party support
5. High price
Nintendo's gonna be crushed. With steam taking the place

What's this doing on here?

Nintendo stuff are overpriced

6 Windows ME

Three things bsod errors one year on sale. Clearly a recipe for successes

7 Facebook Home

It just Facebookifies it. And either you could get it free from play store. Or buy a 300$ phone with it already on it. Stupid

8 Second Life

Like a cat to a laser pin Facebook and Twitter came and then we distract ourselves there. Now there a Mohawk stripper dance ing for no one in a abandoned steam mill. How that recovering

9 Red Ring of Death

I've seen at least one person see their beloved system turn into a doorstop. Dam you ballmer

10 Comcast

All they did was change their name to xfinity that's it no improvements no bugs fixed no new features ๐Ÿ˜’it's trash enough said

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