Best Technical Thrash Metal Albums


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1 Alice In Hell - Annihilator
2 Punishment for Decadence - Coroner

Masked Jackal and Arc-Lite are my favorite songs from this album.
This is my favorite Coroner album but I have to admit Mental Vortex is technically better (their best). The reason for liking more the Punishment for Decadence is: I'm a thrash person and in Mental Vortex the ratio is changed - there's more prog and less thrash. - Metal_Treasure

3 Never Neverland - Annihilator

Songs - Phantasmagoria, Imperiled Eyes, The Fun Palace, Sixes and Sevens.

Metallica's Black album (1991) was initially titled Never Neverland (there's a line in Enter Sandman). But they learned about the Annihilator's thrash album with the same name (1990) and Metallica left their album with no name. - Metal_Treasure

4 Mental Vortex - Coroner
5 Outer Isolation - Vektor
6 Lurking Fear - Mekong Delta
7 Coroner - R.I.P.

This was the most technical of its time. Yes, Artillery, Dark Angel, and Watchtower all released albums before this, but they weren't nearly as technical. Anyway, this is a near - perfect album with the gem "Nosferatu" on it. It should really be in the top ten with Outer Isolation and Mental Vortex. Also, where's No More Color and why is King of the Kill on here? It's not thrash.

8 King of the Kill - Annihilator
9 Dead Brain Cells - Dead Brain Cells
10 Dimension Hatross - Voivod

This masterpiece of an album is the best hing I’ve ever heard in my entire life - BossDj0

The Newcomers

? Killing Technology - Voivod

The Contenders

11 Nothingface - Voivod
12 Terminal Redux - Vektor

One of the best thrash albums in general. Even though it came out way after the 1980s. - Caleb9000

13 Black Future - Vektor
14 Voivod - Killing Technology
15 No More Color - Coroner
16 For Whose Advantage? - Xentrix
17 Control and Resistance - Watchtower
18 Waking the Fury - Annihilator

2002. I personally like this album a bit more than 'King of the Kill'. 'Ultra-Motion' is one of my most favorite songs - it's very fast and with cool drumming from Randy Black in the middle of the song.
Ultra-Motion, Prime-Time Killing, Cold Blooded, The Blackest Day.

Vocals are not Annihilator's priority and I was OK with all their 6 singers but I like Joe Comeau vocals on this album (Joe is an ex-Overkill guitarist). - Metal_Treasure

19 Universe - Dead Brain Cells

This was their second album and it was more progressive/technical than their debut.
Songs: The Genesis Explosion, Estuary, Exit the Giants - Metal_Treasure

20 Endless War - Realm
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1. Alice In Hell - Annihilator
2. Punishment for Decadence - Coroner
3. Mental Vortex - Coroner
1. Alice In Hell - Annihilator
2. Punishment for Decadence - Coroner
3. Never Neverland - Annihilator



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