Top 10 Teen Movies of the 80s and 90s

There are lots of good teen movie characters. Here are the best ones.

The Top Ten

1 Breakfast Club

This is so well acted, and great use of a very small set. These kids were very likeable, and vulnerable. Has a great message for teens. An enjoyable film - Ned964

2 Heathers

Outstanding - Ned964

3 Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I don't think it's the best here, but it's far from the worst. From the start, we are rooting for the bad kid, because he is smart, funny and charming. Pretty much every character is interesting. A simple day skipping school was never so fun. - Ned964

4 Dazed and Confused

Really good - Ned964

5 Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Sean Penn was brilliant. I thought it was well written. I never really felt it was as good as many of my peers did, feeling it might be a bit cliche. I still enjoy it though. - Ned964

6 Scream

Like others on this list, I expected the same teen slasher template, and that's exactly what I found with this one. Still, there is something new about it, and I do enjoy the movie. - Ned964

7 Clueless

I like this list, a lot of quality films here. I'm voting for Clueless, as to me, it is by far the funniest movie here. It's built around the same template as many teen movies, but it's production value is off the charts, as every aspect seems to be done with extra attention to detail. Well written, directed and acted it's really a gem. - Ned964

8 Weird Science

Not great, but I still like it. I thought Bill Paxton's character was pretty funny. - Ned964

9 Say Anything

Not a boring moment in this. High critical acclaim. It's truly one of the best teen movies of all time. - Ned964

10 Lucas (1986)
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