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1 Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson Product Image

I adore Kelly and her music. This album is her TOP. It's not just Teen-pop - it is a mix of various genres

Best pop album

2 Know-It-All - Alessia Cara Know-It-All - Alessia Cara Product Image
3 Revival - Selena Gomez Revival - Selena Gomez Product Image

I love this album so much, so good, so fun, so sexy, a classic.

Selena Gomez, you are the best artist ever!

Beautiful album, Selena did that.

My favourite album... ever

4 ... Baby One More Time - Britney Spears ... Baby One More Time - Britney Spears Product Image
5 My Everything - Ariana Grande My Everything - Ariana Grande Product Image
6 Vitamin C - Vitamin C Vitamin C - Vitamin C Product Image
7 Oops!... I Did It Again - Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again - Britney Spears Product Image

Britney was one of those who made Teen Pop a mainstream! There are some fillers here but in general this is a very good album

8 The Spirit Room - Michelle Branch The Spirit Room - Michelle Branch Product Image

Michelle Branch is awesome!

So many good songs.

9 Speak - Lindsay Lohan Speak - Lindsay Lohan Product Image

No matter what haters say - this is a very good teen pop album. True Guilty PLeasure

Not bad at all!

10 Warrior - Kesha Warrior - Kesha Product Image
The Contenders
11 Spice - Spice Girls Spice - Spice Girls Product Image

One of the most successful teen pop albums ever. SG aren't as bad as a lot of people think they are

12 The High Road - Jojo The High Road - Jojo Product Image

So amazing! Just for teenagers!

13 1989 - Taylor Swift 1989 - Taylor Swift Product Image
14 Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez Product Image
15 Let Go - Avril Lavigne Let Go - Avril Lavigne Product Image
16 Millennium - Backstreet Boys Millennium - Backstreet Boys Product Image

Revolutionary album with huge hits. Love this band

17 Badlands - Halsey Badlands - Halsey Product Image
18 All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson Product Image
19 Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera Product Image

This is my favorite album from her. It has the songs a Teen Pop album should have.

Not a big fan of Aguilera but I respect her. And I really love her debut album. She was so sweet

20 Spiceworld - Spice Girls Spiceworld - Spice Girls Product Image

There are some awesome songs on it - Viva Forever, Spice Up Your Life, Stop...

21 A Little More Personal (Raw) - Lindsay Lohan A Little More Personal (Raw) - Lindsay Lohan Product Image
22 Shades of Purple - M2M Shades of Purple - M2M Product Image

What makes this record so outstanding is its authenticity, honesty and how little it cares about what most mainstream teen pop was about at that time.
It is simply two teenage friends that wrote a bunch of songs that reflect what many young girl whose puberty just started feel like - yes, they wrote it themselves, and also played the acoustic guitars that dominate the entire album. It never gets sexualized, and it never gets melodramatic. Instead, it focuses sensitively on the troubles of first romantic feelings, first relationships, feeling insecure, and aknowledging one's own flaws.
The sound is so delicate and light, but also has the certain pop catchiness of early 2000s/late 90s music, but it's not so in-your-face-earworm-ish.
Unfortunately, M2M broke up after only 2 albums. They simply grew apart. Both of them still make music. Marit Larsen pretty much remained the sweet princess she already was on this record, Marion Raven became more of a tough rock/folk singer.

23 Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys Product Image

Very good songs on their self-titled debut. Even better than Millenium.

24 Scream - Tokio Hotel Scream - Tokio Hotel Product Image

It has all faces and forms of teen angst combined and gives hope to those who feel lonesome. Truly amazing album.

25 Headstrong - Ashley Tisdale Headstrong - Ashley Tisdale Product Image
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