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21 Argent

She is awesome. Her accent her hair and style. It all makes me think that she is amazing. She has a very dark and mysterious outfit but so do I. She is my 3rd favourite because the people in first and second are amazing also.

She is awesome and very fashionable

22 XL Terrestrial

He is awesome and he looks really cool

HE is very awesome I say 5th behind 4th Jericho 3rd The Herald 2nd See-more 1st MAS Y MENOS

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24 Cheshire

Awesome and hot
She is stylish, athletic, a good fighter she comes off as a overall baddass and I think she needs more popularity and cameos in episodes

Cheshire is the baddest villaness of the teen titans in my opinion. Shes my overall favorite

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25 Bumblebee

She is a great ass kicker, and she and cyborg MUST have chemistry! She is one of my favorite characters, and is just so... Lovable!

Personally I like raven and bumblebee the best of any titans

She can turn so small and kick butt! She deserves be higher up.

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26 Hot Spot

Love his powers and attitude.

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27 Brother Blood Brother Blood

Brother Blood is an awesome villain that everyone forgets about, he even stole Cyborg's tech and made himself into another cyborg.

An underrated Cyborg nemesis! I hope they make this character bigger in the future because he serves as a perfect archenemy to Cyborg if Vandal Savage will never be. - Daviddv0601

Brother Blood is an awesome villain that everyone forgets about, he even stole Cyborg's tech and made himself into another cyborg.


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28 Mad Mod

He looks like Austin Powers

Mad mod almost killed Robin

I hate mad mod, all his episodes have been stupid and boring

He is so funny and a Beatles lover! My favorite villian!

29 Trigon Trigon Trigon is a demon, a comic book character published by DC Comics. He is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, having enslaved many worlds.

Trigon is below Red Hood, and Red Hood isn't even in the show. And sending a lackey to traumatise your own daughter is not cool at all

Yeah, call your daughter a gem before you temporarily KILL her doesn't make her feel better

Trigon is awesome! Even if his daughter, Raven defeated him in the episode,"The End".

Raven kills him in an episode

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30 Wonder Girl

She's awesome and a determined leader like Robin

She's in the original teen titans wonder woman's sister

I hope to see her on the show soon!

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31 Killer Moth V 1 Comment
32 Red Hood Red Hood The Red Hood is an alias used by multiple fictional characters and a criminal organization appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

He's not even in the show you idiots

WHAT?!?! Why Is He Here?!

33 See-More

See mores my favorite give five member, next with kyd wykked, Billy, gizmo, and mammoth

See more more like pee more

I don't get him

Seemore is my favourite villain
1. He can shoot lasers from his eye
2. His clothes are really trendy

34 Kilowatt

He is awesome and can own any bad guy

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35 Nightwing Nightwing

He is actually in the show, but only for an episode. Not enough to truly judge the character

Come on he's the best!

36 Dove
37 Mumbo

Mumbo is a cool unique villain, the 'bunny raven' episode was particularly cool

38 Hawk
39 Red Robin
40 Plasmus
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