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61 Zan V 2 Comments
62 Jayna
63 Mother Mae Eye

She is the weirdest grandma ever

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64 Nya Nya

She is so sexy, lovely, and fierce! I hope she appears in Teen Titans Go!

Teen titans go! Will ruin her, just like every other character on the show.

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65 Beatbox

He almost died when saving the Titans from Brain (which beast boy calls brian)

Go back to the amazing world of Gumball

66 Dave

I think Dave is like half wolf half dog I'll ask beast boy if he knows.

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67 Sparkleface V 3 Comments
68 Fixit
69 Malchior
70 Rorek
71 Striker V 3 Comments
72 The Wonder Twins

They have to touch rings and say the pass word I mean what do they do if they get lost from each other second of all why can't the boy turn into animals like the girl the girl can turn into a animal but the boy turns into forms

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73 The Riddler The Riddler The Riddler is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.
74 Rose Wilson

Rose is like totes my fave along with star fire and Raven. She has awesome eyepatch and cool white hair. She's Ravens best friend and enemy in the episode where robin and rose are arguing about whose in jail. It's so funny. She may have betrayed Raven in the end but she's still totally cool and awesome.

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75 Bat Boy
76 Kitten

I hate Kitten. Robin doesn't even like her (and I can see why), but she still thought Robin and her boyfriend Fang were fighting over her. She's dumb and spoiled.

I love Kitten! She is so cute and girly, and funny. People only hate her because she made Starfire jealous. If Kitty would convert to the good side, her and Starfire could get along! Kitty is hyper and pretty and has big emotions that are out there! I hope to see a lot more of Kitty!

Shes stupid and does not deserve to be on teen titans

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