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Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.


I feel like I can relate to starfire more than any other character. At first she is so different from her peers but as she eventually grows more intelligent she realizes what being human is all about and that moment is what is amazing. Plus her relationship with Robin is great and I ship it forever. But as he said in "Stranded" she is super strong. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally. To face those challenges she expressed to Robin in "Sisters" every single day of her life is hard. I feel this is why she's the best Teen Titan

Star Fire is my favorite DC character. I like how she defeated her sister and love the difference in her personalities from the beginning of episode " GO " to the end of how she is normally. I think she should be number one because of how much she cares about her planet and team. I love how the producers and authors devolved each character. Star fire sees the good in everyone even when Robin was Slade's apprentice and in episode " Switched" when Raven said she imagined Star Fire being quiet joyful. Star fire and Robin's relationship was very entertaining and I enjoyed seeing their awkward moments. Star fire should be number one because of her fantastic powers and super sweet and caring character.

Yes raven can be awesome. But starfire has experienced a lot to. From the first teen titans comic in the 1900's to having her very own series! Does raven have a series? No. But I'm not hating, I love Raven too, but also starfire has endured slavery, experimentation, heart break, and even memory loss. She has amazing powers and has worked with superman and has been apart of the justice league and has defeated wonder woman and donna troy. To me starfire seems like ONE of the best.

She's very sweet and caring. I honestly hate whoever thinks she's stupid just because of her misunderstanding of earth nor English idioms. The fact that she's an alien is hard for her to understand her new world. Starfire taught valuable and moral lessons that makes Teen Titans's so special. Without her, Teen Titans is nothing because cartoon could always use some morals. Kids should be entertained not fart jokes. The new Starfire in that bullcrap show only cares about her looks, is more idiotic than ever and the producers completly ruined her. She's one of the sweetest character I've met and I will most likely to be her friend because based by her characteristic, she can be the only person that will be there for someone when no one else can, and I personally ship her with Robin.

She's the strongest. She is currently the most balanced titan remember, she has the highest brute strength plus the second fastest, mid intelligence and a strong long range blasts and eyebeams. What more? Plus her powers are limited to her emotions meaning the times when she feels justice and anger, her powers increases.

Why is Raven 1? Because she's worth it. Practically everyone thinks Raven would win. Starfire equals a slightly weaker Superman. Raven equals: badass levitation, force fields, tag team pincer attacks with her 'soul self' magic bird thing, healing trances, flight, mystic laser streams and three words that no-one can pronounce properly that cause landscape-bending anomalies. Don't even start Starfire vs Raven, or this website will be a war zone

Starfire is PERFECT! She is a Alien who is stronger than she looks, can create green rays and can fly at top speed! She can go nice to raged!

How come Starfire is number 4? She is so sweet and beautiful inside and out. Everyone says Raven is the best but unlike Starfire, power is the only reason everyone likes her. Well Starfire is powerful, optimistic, and nice and that is what makes her best.

Starfire is my most favorite teen titans character because she is sweet and loving to everyone though she is underestimated by others she is still an example of peace and love.

Starfire has a nice and sweet personality, and is always willing to help, and is indeed very strong. She is also pretty, unlike the Teen Titans Go version.

I love her. She's beautiful and strong. And I love how she is able to take down her older sister twice.

She is my favorite. She deserves better than fourth! I think almost everyone can relate to her. She is such a beautiful, happy, cute and wonderful character. She has such great powers too. She deserves her own season just like everyone else.

Starfire is my favorite superhero, teen titan, alien, tamaranian, etc. She should be first because she is so sweet and powerful. She was the first superhero I ever heard about and she lead me to watching Teen Titans, the best show. But now they've ruined her in dumb Teen Titans Go! By making her the weird one.I mean who couldn't love an orange girl with long red hair green eyes tiny eyebrows crop top skirt high boots and armor her flying ability her laser beams speed / strength and her terrible English grammar? Starfire is best girl.

I love Starfire because she is the most preety girl from all teen titains and also Raven doesn't deserve to become the number 1 favourite because she is half evil, so that means that who likes Raven then they like half evil people or they are half evil already I don't know Starfire is the best from my school even every girl likes her, but all the boys likes Robin or Cyborg and they also hate RAVEN. Starfire has to be the best I love her as a sister, because she reminds me of me, I know how she feels about her being the 4th one, because I'm the 4th popular at school.

I LOVE STARFIRE she is just so corky and playful like me and she so strong and awesome and she not afraid to stand up and do the right thing

I wrote the below comment and I think that yes, Raven has faults, but that's what makes her REAL. It makes Raven better. Besides, she's not all faulty. She's really strong and powerful too.

Star has 10 percent of the votes, and Raven has 22 percent. All of you just favour OP over OP yet vulnerable. In other words, you like random brute strength over realism and badass design

Starfire was the one who taught me how to be a better person and overall my favorite. She taught me how to block out the mean words and be yourself.

Well she is my favourite teen titan but I think she is good at 4 but she should be 3 if robin was not 2 and beast could become 2 to give star fire a place

I think Starfire is the best out of all the teen titans go characters because she is nice and has so many friend's

Starfire is so neat and amazingly awesome while the others are finding out beast boy's real name "Garfield"

She isn't my favorite but my second my favorite is Robin (Dick Grayson) but she is as strong as Superman because she is an alien she has "heat vision" which really is laser eyes and super speed so yeah but Robin has kryptonite or something she is weak too

Starfire is awesome and incredibly beautiful! She is the strongest of the team and shes too awesome! TOO AWESOME!

Also all the teen titans got beaten by terra so... Yeah and raven is clearly the strongest

Starfire is beautiful, strong and is the reason teen titans is my favorite show. Everyone fawns all over Raven just because she's a demon. I like Starfire better she should be number 1.