Top 10 Teen Titans Couples / Pairs

Anyone know Teen Titans? I ship couples and pairs. Now, if you want to see the top ten couples for me, check it out!

The Top Ten

Beast Boy and Raven

I love this couple! At first I was very unsure about them, but once I saw 1 scene with them together I JUST LOST IT! From that first BBrae scene I so fell in love with them! They have always been my fave couple and always will be! Not one time have I ever had a bad thought about this couple! Most people disagree with me and say how Beast Boy is the only one who really cares and to that I say SO UNTRUE! Beast Boy's crush on Raven is just more obvious than her crush on him! Some people think that Robin and Starfire are a better couple but to me they are just way too easy going and rushed! I mean as soon as Robin met Starfire and she became, well, as normal as she can be for now, but the thing is from that point on they were a couple! About the easy going thing, they had no drama to their relationship! They just would have a moment and get interrupted over and over again and finally they have a complete moment so do you get my point about Robin and Starfire? A lot of people prefer Terra ...more

I feel like because the two of them argue but still are able to work together as a team without an issue shows that they could have a long lasting relationship because sure they have differences but their ability to move past those and continue is promising. And you do catch glimpses of their connection. Another reason I feel like they would be great together is because they both have had past love interests and have been very disappointed. Both of them have dealt with similar heartbreaks. Another thing about the past love intreasts is that they both chose those people because they are similar. They don't need to be with someone exactly like themselves, they need to find someone to complete them. This is why I don't ship Robin and Raven because I feel like just because they are both serious they wouldn't be able to have fun. Raven needs to have someone lighten the mood at times and beastboy needs someone to calm him down and bring him down to earth. If my reasoning for shipping them ...more

The greatest couple in the series! In Rocks & Water they almost kiss! TWICE! They've had many romantic feelings through the years. BBRae, you're the best! You'll see a childish, green, fun loving dude, in love with a dark, self witted, beautiful half-demon. You may not notice, but these opposites are totally made for each other! When I first saw them I thought, Wow! How can this relationship work. But in many episodes such as, Terra-ized, Matched, Pirates, etc., I have loved seeing their relationship grow from time to time. Also, ideas such as Flash + Jinx, Mas + Star, Menos + Star, Robin + Rae, and much more don't fit. Haven't you seen Rob + Star, and Cy + Jinx? To BBRae, YOU"RE BY FAR THE MOST AMAZING COUPLE IN THE SERIES! WHO WOULDN'T PREFER YOU?

Yes, yes, they have a kind of flirtatious relationship, and the whole opposites attract thing is great...but, they also have the best connection (in my opinion) out of any of the characters. Beast Boy is always coming to help Raven in any of the episodes in which she is in danger, and throughout the series, they overcome many roadblocks in their building relationship. It's magnificently thorough and complex, but when you get down to the core, there's no doubting that they care deeply for each other as comrades and as possible love interests.

Starfire and Robin

They are so adorable and he is the spark to her fire and they always care for each other no matter how cliche it seems. Over the series they catch each other A LOT. And by that I mean more than the other titans combined. This is no accident and I have faith in the fact the animators and writers did this because they are not only best friends but they are able to feel physical and emotional hurt when the other is gone and it just shows how deeply both of them love. Also I have a huge liking for how well they understand each other and are able to love and respect the other, barely ever in the series do you see them fighting against each other without cause. This just shows how much they care for each other's feelings. This is why they are the best couple

I absolutely love Robstar! (Although I prefer the name Robfire or Rarfire) Sometimes Starfire acts like a damsel in distress around Robin, but the number of times she saves him and catches him bride style makes up for it. Robin also often saves her and catches her bride style. It is so clear that he would fo to the end of the universe and back for Starfire, just like she would for him. Some people say that he is all dark while she balances him out with light, but I say that they both have dark and light in them, which makes them complex characters that belong together. Starfire clearly has some issues feeling like she measures up to Blackfire, and is definitely willing to use extreme force in order to prevent bad things from happening. Robin is not just a loner, if he was he would not have formed the Teen Titans. He knows how to joke around on rare occasions too. As for the people who say it was "too obvious", I say that it needed to be a little "obvious" to make sure that there was ...more

Only 12%? What? In Teen Titans, (not that fan-fiction junk known as Teen Titans Go! ) they are so cute and amazing! At first, Starfire seemed to be a little bit of a damnsel-in-distress around Robin, but if you watch the show more, you see how much she cares about him, and the number of times she has caught him while he was falling off of a building, or carried him bride-style. Also, there's this one episode when Robin leaves and Starfire's reaction is a HUGE MOOD and SUPER RELATABLE if you've ever had a crush. In Teen Titans Go! Robin's crush on Starfire is a pure joke, and it's super pathetic and annoying. In Teen Titans, it takes Robin a little pushing before he reveals signs of feelings for Starfire. However, once he does, it's SO sweet. He loves her in this "if-you-break-her-I-will-break-you-so-bad-your-mother-won't-recognize-you", way and it's not possessive or overly protective. Not to mention the ocaison when he carries/catches Starfire bride-style. This is one of my favorite ...more

The two's repationship was ultimately forced. It was an extremely boring ship that everybody knows is gonna happen. Like, who doesn't know that Robin and Starfire would kiss or like each other? At first sight of Robin and Starfire I know they had a relationship (like, duh! ), AND it was forced to make the show more realistic

Kid Flash and Jinx

After watching Lightspeed, I was stuck with this ship. It was way better than BBRae to be honest! There was only one episode about them, and I wish there were more. So this is what happened: Kid Flash replaced the luck necklace with a rose at first. And then later he started flirting with Jinx. That part was so cute, and I loved it! Later when Kid Flash was messing up the whole H.I.V.E tower, he sat on Jinx's bed flipping through her unicorn drawings THUS flirting with her even in such a serious situation! In the part where Kid Flash saw Jinx (Madame Rouge in disguise), he started acting like Madame was very awesome and started flirting, and later when he met the REAL Jinx, he asks: "Jinx... are you really... you? " That part and the end of the episode were my favorite parts of the whole episode, and Jinx even frees Kid Flash to protect him from Madame Rouge. Wow that's sweet! The last part where Kid Flash gives Jinx a rose finally convinced me into shipping them, THUS making Kid ...more

In the new show, her and Cyborg are together and it is literally, the worst. On top of that, they go completely against what they believe to be together, and she's back to being EVIL! Can I throw up, for real? Jinx and Kid Flash are the cutest, and ain't nobody gonna go against the absolute cutest episode in the entire series and say she and cyborg are a thing, ugh... Why... But really they are the best couple, with so much chemistry, I mean who wouldn't completely fall in love with them? I can't even...

I-I-I, I don't know what to say. Except, THIS IS THE BEST SHIP EVER! Seriously though, Lightspeed is my 4th favorite episode after For Real, The Beast Within, and Titans Together. However, Flinx is my all-time favorite ship. Even though they only got one episode together, it was enough to put it above BBRae for me, and they've had SEASONS of development. You can see that there was a lot of thought behind this episode, and it definitely paid off. Flinx forever.

Even though they only had one ep. it was amazing! Just like Bbrae, it wasn't official ( unless you go on the website which specifically says that Jinx is Wally's girlfriend." and it wasn't rushed. It took it's time even for the short time it had. I just LOVE this ship, I still think Bbrae is better because it has more time over the series to develop. But Flinx is definitely number one when it comes to favorite ship. Some might say that even though Cyborg also got an ep with her, it was mostly focused on Cyborg and BEE! Jinx was like a side character to help move along the story in that ep. But Lightspeed is based on just them two. The Teen titan's hardly even show up! Which just proves that that ep is only for them, and that and the teen titans go series ( Which personally isn't that good...) shows KF showing off and trying to be kind to Jinx ( Even though in Go they got his character and his story ark wrong...) And she doesn't except. Until the very end when Jinx picks up the rose, ...more

Robin and Raven

I feel like Robin and Raven understand eachother on a deeper level than Robin and Starfire. I don't really follow the "Pretty princess and her handsome knight in shining armor" trope, as I like to call it. Also, did you know Robrae was going to be cannon, but the writers didn't want to break the hearts of Robstar shippers?

I find this pairing... Dissatisfying. Starfire and Robin clearly have a great bond with each other, and have great feelings for each other. The relationship between Raven and Robin seems like a sibling relationship. I see that kind of thing when I watch 'The End' with little Raven riding on Robin's back. And when people use and argument saying 'When Star was in trouble, did he save her? No! He saved Raven! ' In the show, Starfire was never in any sort of death threatening and world ending situation and the only way of saving everyone was sacrificing herself. Honestly, Robin would do that for anyone on the team. And Raven and Beastboy were cannon in the comics.

Ugh. This pairing makes me sick to my stomach. In the comics based on the T.V. show Robin actually describes Raven as a sister. He said this: "Raven is like a sister I've never had." You people are sick if you ship Raven and Robin together. You don't just ship a brother and sister like friends together. That is just wrong. And plus Starfire and Robin love each other. Robin will never dump Starfire for Raven and Raven won't ever take away Robin from Starfire. Raven doesn't show any romantic interest in Robin anyways. All Robin and Raven have together is a deep and caring friendship. Nothing more.

Guys please stop fighting... Although it is quite amusing! We all have our thoughts and opinions, there is no need to battle over it. We must support eachother and give credit for what we know and see! For example, I see that BB cares for Raven a lot and I also see that Robin does as well. I could go any way, but for some reason that I don't know, I like this couple a teeny weeny bit more. (Please do not hate me) All this useless fighting makes me angered towards the human race, I mean, don't call people dumb for no reason when they just share their opinion as did you! It is like fighting over which color is better, there isn't really a better one, just one that is more preferred. Take these words of wisdom!

Beast Boy and Terra

At first, I thought BeastBoy and Raven was a well suited couple, but when Terra came into the picture I was completely captivated by them. Their romance and chemistry was unforced, but when Slade manipulated Terra, they still had feelings for eachother despite everything. I just love this couple and wished things turned out better for them.

I believe Beast Boy and Terra would have made a better couple than Beast Boy and Raven. They're much cuter together than Beast Boy and Raven ever were. Beast Boy and Terra aren't shy about their true feelings for each other, while Raven hides behind hatred, fear and mistrust and "pretends" to strongly dislike Beast Boy, whereas Terra liked him honestly from the beginning. I would have loved to see them kiss on the ferris wheel but unfortunately Slade interrupted it. Beast Boy and Terra are so cute together

I absolutely hate them as a couple. Terra betrayed the Titans and is in fact a villain. Just because she sacrificed herself to keep a city full of civilians from burning to death does not mean that she is a hero. She used Beast Boy and tricked the Titans into trusting her, just so she could stab them in the back. Beast Boy deserves far better than Terra. For example, Raven. They are a better couple than Beast Boy and Terra.

So cute I love them so much. They have natural chemistry and are alike. The one ship I hate which most people like is beast boy and raven I just don't see them together, Beast boy and terra however are meant to be because on the date and all that it's obvious beast boy had a crush on terra and I think she had a crush too.

Cyborg and Bumblebee

They would have made a better couple to begin with. Besides, Cyborg and Jinx don't really mix well. So, this is a lot better. Also, they almost have similar personalties.

They just look so cute together and Bumblebee already had an adorable nickname for cyborg which is sparky.

Not because they're black. I like how they're common in tech. And some professional stuff.

They really make a great couple. I'm not sure why, they just seem great together.

Kole and Gnarrk

Heck yes! Gnarrk is super lovable and so is kole but kole is so.. you know she is a perfect match for him. Kole is one of my favorite teen titans characters because she is so adorable and a developed character at the same time

This is more of a brother-sister thing... In all honesty. But I respect your opinions, and I have mine, so... Yeah.

No, not really love-like... Maybe. I just see them as best friends who care a lot. Another pair

To me, they are just like brother and sister, or great friends, end of story.

Fang and Kitten

Readers please take note that I am talking about the RED X AND KITTEN FROM THE ORIGINAL 2003-2006 SERIES OF TEEN TITANS AND NOT THE NEW ONE TEEN TITANS GO. I am also talking about the RED X THAT STOLE HIS SUIT FROM ROBIN NOT THE RED X THAT WAS ACTUALLY ROBIN (Dick Grayson) IN DISGUISE. Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks that Kitten and Red X would be a great couple. Kitten likes money and so does Red X. Kitten also steals things and Red X does to. Red X can also get away with crimes that fang cannot get away with like in the final season of teen titans when Red X escaped during the final battle with the brotherhood of evil. Not only that but both Kitten and Red X were never caught in the end of the series. Fang was caught in the final battle. Also Fang and Kitten broke up 2 or 3 times. And finally Kitten actually made her own costume based on Red X's costume and named herself Pink X in the comics. Therefore Kitten and Red X would be perfect together not Kitten and Fang.

A daughter of a moth and a boy with the head of a spider PERFECT

Ha! I love this couple they are so perfect together.

This couple is a hilarious couple!

Cyborg and Sarasimm

I know, Sara's about five thousand years old. But they show so much love that I can't resist!

They are perfect for each other! They love so much

First time cyborg almost kissed someone

Eh, not really

Cyborg and Jinx

I have always liked this couple. This may be partially because I like Jinx and Kid Flash is kind of annoying but WHATEVS

Cutest couple ever! A lot of people think they don't go together but I disagree

I love them together they are perfect examples of opposites

They are so cute together they definitely go together

The Contenders

Raven and Herald

Both wear blue hood and cloaks Raven is assigned to warn herald I mean come on how do you not see it

Great couple I mean there like the same person

Eh, I think Bumblebee and Herald would be good

Maybe it will happen on the show?

Mas and Starfire

Starfire is better with Dick Grayson honestly

BOO I think Starfire is better off with Dick

No they are not a good couple

Nasty! A six year old x a teenage girl?... Ew, no.

Raven and Aqualad

I was disappointed that she was with him. Raven is so much different than him. I think she belongs with Beast Boy.

Even though aqualad is a sea guy that does not mean he does not need a girlfriend

They even have an episodes

I guess I mean he is hot

Cheshire and Speedy

I love Cheshroy, especially because they were canon in the comics. They even got married and had a baby and were a really cute dysfunctional yet functional couple. I also really loved how in Calling All Titans she was the one sent by the Brotherhood of Evil to go take him down.

YESS. I LOVE cheshroy. If u read the comics you would see how perfect they are for each other. But I really wish their daughter wasn't killed, it was WAY too sad...

They become romantically involved in the comics. I think she even has his baby?

Well they did in a way like each other in season 1

Terra and Aqualad

Don't bring that god awful teen titans go show here

Beast boy and raven ve terra and aqualad


They are dating in the new show :D

Pantha and Wildebeest

Buutt if this is a top 20.. I guess the top 1 of all 20' s is the love team numerous and mama mae eye wahahaahah.. I can't stop laughing men... haha

Why do you wierdos think this is a good pairing? Where did you even get this from?

Seriously, yes. Don't ask for the reason, it's already in the bottom... Helloo?

Definitely I mean talk about streanth

Mento and Elasti-Girl

They're married, so they shouldn't be considered a couple.

I'm very confused. only because I'm thinking of Incredibles.

Menos and Starfire

Dick Grayson is better

Yuck yuck blah

Very lucky kid..

Robstar is my OTP. Memos and star won't work

Argent and Hot Spot

Oh yeah I love this pairing. They seem so compatible and are an excellent couple.

Well yes but no I don't know why

Kyd Wykkyd and Angel

Enemies of wickedangel shippers:Kid Rae shippers, Billy wicked shippers, See-more x kid wicked shippers, and Jericho x kid wicked shippers. And surprisingly it's not the gay ships that bother me the most it's the kid Rae ship. I've tried tried to respect kid Rae shippers but failed. By the way kid wicked. Is. Not. Gay. He is straight. I don't know why people think he's gay. He's not. Kid wicked and Angel are perfect for each other. I even gave them a theme song: Supernatural-E.T Katy Perry.

This couples technically canon, since in deception, Angel goes to him and they teleport away. Also, in homecoming part 2, they are standing together. Also also, in Titans together, they are attacking with each other.

I actually really like this because they just seem meant to be

Kyd wykkyd is bye far the badass background character ever.

Blackfire and Red X

Starfire's sister, Robin's costume. Blackfire had a crush on Robin (or so I assume, she flirted with him at the very least) and Red X flirted with Starfire. Those two would be perfect for each other.

I think they'd make a good couple hence they're trickery. In fact, I had thought of Starfire and Red X, but realized Blackfire would fit in more since she's a villain.

I love this couple, it actually makes a better chemistry such as this I'll be honest with one of you guys. Red and Black go together so why not RedFire

Starfire's sister + Robin's evil costume, ( Also, Blackfire likes Robin, a.k.a Mr. Butt )

Bumblebee and Aqualad
Aqualad and Speedy

This is a pair. A very nice pair. I laugh at the fact that Aqualad goes nuts when Speedy brings fish tacos for lunch

Yeah, they would be great together. I feel like they would be best friends before becoming a couple with lots of bickering and love. It would be adorable.

They look so cute together there like Raven and Beast boy.

In terms of a simple bromance, hell yeah.

Malchior and Raven

Almost worked, too bad there is so much dragon prejudice in the world.

This would've made a good couple... If only Malchior wasn't Rorek!

I hate him

Slade and Blackfire

Not appropriate, Slade was married and has many children.

Two words: Hate it. That's just wrong.


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