Beast Boy and Raven


I feel like because the two of them argue but still are able to work together as a team without an issue shows that they could have a long lasting relationship because sure they have differences but their ability to move past those and continue is promising. And you do catch glimpses of their connection. Another reason I feel like they would be great together is because they both have had past love interests and have been very disappointed. Both of them have dealt with similar heartbreaks. Another thing about the past love intreasts is that they both chose those people because they are similar. They don't need to be with someone exactly like themselves, they need to find someone to complete them. This is why I don't ship Robin and Raven because I feel like just because they are both serious they wouldn't be able to have fun. Raven needs to have someone lighten the mood at times and beastboy needs someone to calm him down and bring him down to earth. If my reasoning for shipping them ...more

Farmost what fans crazily want. I know, opposites do attract, right? Well, they can clash into a fight sometimes, but I think that what the love/hate relationship makes is mostly love.

I don't mind this ship, I just don't read anything with it. Why have a mature gothic woman with a bubbly childish kid? There is no love/hate factor, she is annoyed at him because he acts like a younger sibling would. There is no attractive factor in beast boy, he is the comic relief for a reason, and also he was established to be interested in Tera. don't take offense, but it just feels strange to look at them as a couple. can't people have relationships with teammates without hooking up?

Beast Boy and Raven are PERFECT for each other! I mean seriously. Beast Boy only turns into his Beast form to save Raven, and Raven's happy side admits that Raven thinks Beast Boy is funny. Clearly she doesn't laugh at his jokes because she doesn't want him to stop trying to make her laugh. Also, Beast Boy is the first person Raven ever hugs for comfort.

Beast Boy and Raven are perfect together! Over 90000000000% made for each other. Can't get over how adorable they are together. They seem to balance each other out and that's a good thing about opposite couples. They had a very deep romantic relationship in the comics and now they are romantically attracted to each other in Teen Titans GO! They're is no escaping this couple no matter how hard you try. The best cartoon/superhero/DC/Teen Titans pairing on the planet and whole universe! And the fanbase for these two is getting bigger and more popular everyday! Truly the most popular Teen Titans pairing there is along with RobStar.

I like them together so much! They have a strong, complicated bond, and they probably have the deepest bond out of everyone, and just don't show it. Is a kids to much to ask? Is it?

I don't hate BBTERRA, I actually liked the couple in the beginning. But after all of the trauma and Terra "losing" her memory, I personally believe it would be too much for them to reunite as a couple. If she were to reunite with the Titans once more, she and Beast Boy would be best friends, while he and Raven would be the power couple :3

Yes, yes, they have a kind of flirtatious relationship, and the whole opposites attract thing is great...but, they also have the best connection (in my opinion) out of any of the characters. Beast Boy is always coming to help Raven in any of the episodes in which she is in danger, and throughout the series, they overcome many roadblocks in their building relationship. It's magnificently thorough and complex, but when you get down to the core, there's no doubting that they care deeply for each other as comrades and as possible love interests.

They are complete opposites, but so perfect for each other! Terra would have been good to, but still Beast Boy and Raven are the best together. Raven, a little TOO smart-Beast Boy, HIGHLY dumb! Even though Raven doesn't embrace it too often, Raven loves Beast Boy and they are the best couple!

This is the best couple by far... Robin and starfire is good... Jinx and cyborg is good... And terra and aqualad is okay... But beast boy and raven just have so much chemistry. They complement eachothers' personality in every way. The first time I saw them together I loved them as a couple... And once beast boy kissed raven in the new teen titans go episode rocks and water, I just had to vote for them. Also, aqualad and terra date in that episode too... So that works out... Plus raven and beast boy were always meant to be...

I absolutely love them as a couple. Yes opposites attract but it's so much more than that. They just make so much sense. And I see other people talking about raven being with someone else in the comics. I don't think that's quite right. I've done some searching and the comics show raven and beast boy being in love.

I love these people together but I also respect those who like other pairings. In my personal opinion, I think that they would balance each other out. Raven needs some happiness in her life and Beast Boy needs some control at times. They are more alike than they appear to be at first glance.

This couple is to die for! Like seriously, their relationship may not be as loud and clear as Starfire's and Robin's, but you can't help but love them. The subtleness of their relationship adds the charm. It leaves viewers guessing and wanting mors.

When I watched the teen titans go episode 'Rocks and Water' I fell in love with this couple! Beastie is so cute and I first I never thought these to would get along. This ship was really unexpected but I love it

Oh my gosh I just love that this couple they are so perfect together and there's a lot to talk about but yes I think their perfect together and I mean perfect!

The love/Hate, Dark/Light, Goofy/Serious thing just works, it makes things more intresting beetween them.

I love this couple! My two favourite characters (not counting Dave the wolf)! My favourite episode is rocks and water (from the new series) witch is basically the shipping come true! (I haven't seen the old TT and am not sure about what happens in those episodes.) I knew I had to vote for them and thank you to everybody how did!

It's Interesting To Know That Beast Boy and Raven Seem To Show NO Interest At All In Teen Titans, Just a Lot Of Annoyance From Beast boy Raven Has To Put Up With, However Teen Titans GO! Is A Better place To Base This Couple

Exactly! They are like siblings who argue, and eventually develop an understanding.

Actually, that is not true. Beast boy and Raven seem to have a relationship - Catsarah123

I have ALWAYSS loved this couple and always will. It's not your typical, ordinary relationship. Beast boy always comforted Raven and cared for her even when she wasn't in her best mood. In "The Beast Within" he was able to turn into that huge beast, right? Well he's only used that form twice and they were for Raven! I can't even express how much I've always loved this couple.

Teen Titans Go shows there love and feelings way more than the older series did, but when will Cartoon Network's continuity end this madness!

Yo, Robin and Starfire, I'm really happy for you both and Imma let you finish, but Beast Boy and Raven was AND IS the best Teen Titans couple of all time! - DanielGB322

You can tell that sometimes they flirt with each other, and Raven hugs him. (love that episode)

I loved them at first sight. Cartoon Network needs to bring back the ORIGINAL Teen Titans, not that Teen Titans Go crap where its just stupid. - Catacorn

I love raven and beast boy beast boy is the funniest one and raven is the most serious. they are just such a good mix!

Best couple ever. Who doesn't like it?

Have you noticed the beast only shows up when Ravens in danger and he put protecting her in front of not attacking the team I also ship the beast and rage