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21 Menos and Starfire

Yuck yuck blah

Very lucky kid..



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22 Mento and Elasti-Girl

They're married, so they shouldn't be considered a couple.


23 Pantha and Wildebeest

Seriously, yes. Don't ask for the reason, it's already in the bottom... Helloo?

Why do you wierdos think this is a good pairing? Where did you even get this from?

Buutt if this is a top 20.. I guess the top 1 of all 20' s is the love team numerous and mama mae eye wahahaahah.. I can't stop laughing men... haha

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24 Bumblebee and Speedy

They tease each other so... that's probably the closest we can get to flirting



25 Kyd Wykkyd and Angel

This couples technically canon, since in deception, Angel goes to him and they teleport away. Also, in homecoming part 2, they are standing together. Also also, in Titans together, they are attacking with each other.

I actually really like this because they just seem meant to be

Live this couple because they do make a good couple

Wykkyd angel

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26 Bumblebee and Aqualad
27 Seemore and Jinx

I ship Flinx, but I have always liked these two... I don't know why. Seemore had a crush on her and he is the only Hive Member she trusted...

28 Slade and Blackfire

Not appropriate, Slade was married and has many children.

Two words: Hate it. That's just wrong.

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29 Malchior and Raven

Almost worked, too bad there is so much dragon prejudice in the world.

This would've made a good couple... If only Malchior wasn't Rorek!

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30 Cheshire and Speedy

I love Cheshroy, especially because they were canon in the comics. They even got married and had a baby and were a really cute dysfunctional yet functional couple. I also really loved how in Calling All Titans she was the one sent by the Brotherhood of Evil to go take him down.

Too bad they didn't get enough screen time.

They become romantically involved in the comics. I think she even has his baby?

Well they did in a way like each other in season 1

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31 Raven and Red X

They're so good for each other! Their personalities can clash together so good!

I LOVE THIS AS MUCH AS ROBRAE! In case Red X is Jason Todd Raven and Jason are so adorable and perfect for each other here is just one reason they are both moody so they are canon

I love this couple! Red X and Raven romance = awesome! I've read some fanfic about them and it's so cute. If you want to read RedRae romance, just search fan

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32 See-More and Raven

Where'd you get this ship from?

Worst ever couple raven dumps him and goes out with beast boy

In my opinion, they were made for each other (even though this relationship is DISGUSTING)

33 Cyborg and Raven

I think they are a good couple because cyborg understands raven and she accepts him for who he is -half robot-

Yup, I don't know why they aren't a cuple in real story... I mean... Raven and Jericho? Come on!

They're the best Pairing. They have their moments in the original series, and TTGo.
Cyrae 4 ever!

34 Terra and Beast Boy

So cute I love them so much. They have natural chemistry and are alike. The one ship I hate which most people like is beast boy and raven I just don't see them together, Beast boy and terra however are meant to be because on the date and all that it's obvious beast boy had a crush on terra and I think she had a crush too.


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35 Jinx and Raven

Yeah I don't think they would be good together at all. Hate it.

Uh- Hello?! Their gender is congruent!

Gender connect the dots peeps

SO #1

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36 Raven and Starfire

Gender good friends though

I think they make a good couple because of the moments they have plus love has no gender

They are best friends!

This couple is the best one in the hole serie 😻

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37 ️️Starfire and Beastboy

I love this couple because they are so alike. It's my favourite ship.

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38 Robin and Beast Boy
39 Jinx and Robin

Both are leaders. Both are acrobatic. One is serious and handsome. The other is playful and pretty. If given a chance, they would so work out. Just check the st

Just read the story called Jinxed! In It is both well written and convincing.

I've thought about it, and even posted it previously before. Rinx

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40 Wonder Girl and Robin

Wonder Girl the Donna Troy as seen in the Teen Titans's official comics. The one I'm talking about wears a red jumpsuit (sometimes a formal dress) with several golden stars and her main weapon (a golden lasso). She's seen with black hair worn as a high pony tail tied with a golden cuff. I consider Robin and Wonder Girl a official couple hence they're physical and internal congruent personalities. They both like to be "ALWAYS", and dread to be wrong. They have leader-like interests (Robin's leader of the Teen Titans, so yeah) and are believed to have the best abilities. When the titans need help they call for backup (Wonder Girl). I could go on forever, but these are some of the reasons they should be considered an official thing. Hope you vote!

Tim Drake and Cassandra Prince

In the comics, Dick Grayson always considered Donna Troy his closest friend.

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