Top 10 Teen Titans Couples / Pairs

Anyone know Teen Titans? I ship couples and pairs. Now, if you want to see the top ten couples for me, check it out!

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41 Cyborg and Starfire

I think they are very cute together. They always seem to have things in common. Robin tries to hard being cool around her causing Starfire to become stressed, so Cyborgs chill down factor contributes to her system causing them to both just relax. Also they are both out of this world citizens with cyborg a robot and Starfire an alien so they aren't some superhuman hero. No they are truly different

No, they are way better as a brother and sister relationship. He's more like the big bro who's always looking out for his little sis and giving advice. They have a very good sibling bond.

They are cute together and are always having moments when there more that just friends

yes 100*

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42 Jinx and Robin

Both are leaders. Both are acrobatic. One is serious and handsome. The other is playful and pretty. If given a chance, they would so work out. Just check the st

Just read the story called Jinxed! In It is both well written and convincing.

I've thought about it, and even posted it previously before. Rinx

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43 Wonder Girl and Robin

Wonder Girl the Donna Troy as seen in the Teen Titans's official comics. The one I'm talking about wears a red jumpsuit (sometimes a formal dress) with several golden stars and her main weapon (a golden lasso). She's seen with black hair worn as a high pony tail tied with a golden cuff. I consider Robin and Wonder Girl a official couple hence they're physical and internal congruent personalities. They both like to be "ALWAYS", and dread to be wrong. They have leader-like interests (Robin's leader of the Teen Titans, so yeah) and are believed to have the best abilities. When the titans need help they call for backup (Wonder Girl). I could go on forever, but these are some of the reasons they should be considered an official thing. Hope you vote!

Tim Drake and Cassandra Prince

In the comics, Dick Grayson always considered Donna Troy his closest friend.

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44 Robin and Cyborg


I don't know why but I kinda ship rhgis

GAY - Jay12


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45 Gizmo and Melvin

Most probably won't agree with this, but I read a very good fanfic about them, and I love this pair!


46 Speedy and Raven

I ship it, because...wait...why do I ship it? Maybe its because I ship Raven and Kid Flash in the 2003 series, for some weird reason, but I still love it!

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47 Robin and Kitten

This is great! I think that if they got a memorylost togheter, they would so make it cause it's just Robbypoos mind that messed them up

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48 Blackfire and Beast Boy

I don't know why but I sorta ship this. It's probably because I ship beast boy and starfire so that's why I guess.

To be honest I know that BB likes bad girls but I don't think it will work out. Plus it would be kind of awkward dating your friend's sister especially when all the other titans hate her.

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49 Beast Boy and Cyborg

I don't know why I put this here. Shoot me now. - WutIsLife

They are friends they are not in love

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50 Lightning and Kole
51 Red X and Rose Wilson

Seriously people... I know he and Blackfire are a nice match, too, but think about this one. They wear the same colors and have great agility! And I posted this so please don't go, EWWW! GROSS! Just say that you disagree.

Yess.They would make a cool couple.Many fans think that Red X is Jason Todd...and he had a thing with Rose in the comics.They should put Rose into the original series! ❤

52 Terra and Robin

If I chose from 1-100 on how much I liked this, I'd say, 25

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53 ️Robin and Cheshire

Hmmm... That could actually work out!

Where... Just where do you people get ships like this at😑

54 Menos and Melvin

Look, this is probably unexpected, but there's this very convincing fic about them, and I just couldn't help it anymore.

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55 Dave the Wolf and Brainy Barker

Even though Brainy Barker is not from Teen Titans this would be a cute couple!

I don't know much about Krypto The Superdog but when I saw top ten Teen Titans couples I couldn't resist making one for Dave. I know he isn't the smartest wolf around but he's still adorable and I would love to see these as a couple. Please vote!

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56 Beast Boy and Star

The best couple ever!

BBstar I love th


57 Beast Boy and Starfire

Because they are just so cute together. There are many scenes where they are doing something together and I just ship them


I don't know

58 Thunder and Argent

I've read a fanfic, and I loved it!

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