Robin and Raven


Raven and Robin? No I don't think so. They are not even canon while Beast Boy and Raven are. Read the comics people! Starfire is the best choice for Robin and they are also canon. If Raven and Robin got together they wouldn't have any fun on any of their dates and it's not going to ever happen. And besides that pair is just so wrong and inaccurate. Why don't people ship canon couples but ship non-canon couples? That I will never understand.

Guys please stop fighting... Although it is quite amusing! We all have our thoughts and opinions, there is no need to battle over it. We must support eachother and give credit for what we know and see! For example, I see that BB cares for Raven a lot and I also see that Robin does as well. I could go any way, but for some reason that I don't know, I like this couple a teeny weeny bit more. (Please do not hate me) All this useless fighting makes me angered towards the human race, I mean, don't call people dumb for no reason when they just share their opinion as did you! It is like fighting over which color is better, there isn't really a better one, just one that is more preferred. Take these words of wisdom!

Robin and Raven definitely belong together! They're so adorably in love with each other.I'm surprised most people voted on beast boy and Raven. That pairing is definitely wrong.

This pairing contradicts the typical relationships out there. Many believe that Raven and Robin are very similar, but they are actually quite different. They share a bond, however, that lets them understand one another. The bond between them is not just another cliche story, it makes Robin/Raven interesting, complicated and human.

At first, I shipped Robin and Starfire because they seemed "perfect", but now that I look back, I feel like maybe it was TOO perfect (sorry, I'm not trying to yell the word "too" but I don't know how to make it slanted on here for emphasis), both of them together are just really cliché. In the show teen titans, it didn't really show all that much chemistry, like deeply, between Robin and Starfire, in my opinion. All of the romance stuff between them just kind of smacks you in the face at the end, like its just thrown at you at the last minute in the few final episodes. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know for a fact that Starfire is sweet and adorable, but she can be a bit annoying at times. To me, the closeness between Raven and Robin just seems more conspicuous in the show. Robin and Raven seem to have a bond more special than the one that Robin and Starfire share. The birds not only (in my opinion) connect better, but they are also similar in personalities. They ...more

Robin and raven have a special bond. He even says it in one of the episodes. If raven wasn't so closed minded, they would make a perfect couple! Robin brings out the most in raven and understands her a lot better than the rest of the team. He is always there for her. I believe this couple is a much better choice and would make the plot so much more interesting!

Even though Robin is "supposed" to be with Starfire, they just have so much chemistry, and are so deep with each other! They both open-up to one another, and have such a beautiful bond!

Well, I find this pairing rather interesting. And I truly can't understand why some people keep getting overreact about it. People have their own interest, and it didn't need to be the same to you. Just because the world think other doesn't mean we have to think like that, unless it has something to do with world's peace, which I don't think it is. I have my own reason of liking the pairing, like you with yours pairing. So please, if you think different, respect us. I don't mean that you can't express your feeling of dislike, it just that I find some of them pretty...well...aggressive I think? *pointing to the first comment*

I Feel Like Raven And Robin Should Be Together Because They Understand Each other And Respect Privacy And Boundaries. - 04cwatkins

Please learn how to type sentences without capitalizing the first letter of every word. - Loncry513

Robin and Raven are the best couple ever in Cartoon history. Even though I haven't seen the series as I was just 3 yr old when the series ended in 2006. But still it is great,simply great. Star fire is just so annoying and doesn't deserve some hottie like Robin. They care so much about each other and every time I see them

together I think that they wouldn't be more perfect. Robin has always protected Raven and she has been inside his mind. They have a strong emotional bond which cannot be formed with an ass like Star fire.

Also see the way raven hugged Robin in 'THE END'. I know that it had a big reason but she seemed so comfortable in his arms and I swear Robin wanted to hug her back as hell,but he couldn't. Just take a close look at Star Fire's face. It was PRICELESS! So I don't care what others say. There may be a million reasons why they shouldn't be together but still they are made for each other. 'RobRae' till the end of the world.

To the person whose comment is below mine. Some people do ship incest. I like Robin and Raven cause I do. Deal with it.

I don't understand this pairing. Robin and Raven have shown no romantic interest for each other and in a comic book robin even admitted raven is just like a sister to him. Nothing more.

YES! I love his paring. And all you star/rob people... Do you really just want any other story about the hot guy getting the cheerleader like BORING! Robin and Raven really care for each other, not just for looks.

These people are meant for each other I mean star and robin would make a nice couple but they're a little TOO perfect plus when raven and star were in trouble he went out and saved raven and in the end she was riding on his back and he is always the one worried bout her and he said she is like a sister I never had but that's just him saying they are really close so rlly close friends normally end up dating

So cute! And robin keeps saving raven!

To be honest, I really despise this pairing. Robin and Raven have to much of a brother/ sister bond for their relationship to be anything romantic. Couples are day and night but in this case they are both night.

A lot of people are saying that shippping them is wrong cause they are like a brother and sister. They don't understand because a lot of people ship them in a brother-sister way, like me. Robin and starfire may have a "romantic" thing going, but I feel like robin and raven understand each other well. So my point is... I ( and many others) Don't ship Robin and Raven in a Romantic way, More in a Brother-sister way.

They so more BRAVE and they behave like adults and not TEENS

How dumb can you be? Raven and beast boy are a better couple and the new show Raven HATES robin and in both old and new shows Raven likes beast boy

Robin and Raven get along with each other very well and respect each other. This has to be the most popular couple!

I love this pairing because they're so alike and adorable together but not as adorable as beast boy and terra. Can I just say that beast boy and raven are so not a cute couple at all!

And plus it is confirmed Robin and Raven love each other as a brother and sister. Robin and Starfire is comic canon and so is Beast Boy and Raven. Terra sucks. She's a traitor and a backstabber like she was in the comics. - Loncry513

Wrong. Beast Boy and Raven are cute together and so is Robin and Starfire. Terra can stuck it. - Loncry513

I thought they looked cute together and had a nice bond. There scenes together in the old show were the best!

I know that Rae and BB got a thing going its just that their the best couple for me that's why I say they must be the number 1 couple

This pairing is kind of, what should I say? I have no words to describe it. Robin goes well with Starfire and Raven goes well with beat boy. End of story.

100% bro and sis. Robin even said to Raven, "You're like the sister I never had."