Top Ten Teen Titans Go! Episodes that Should Be Created

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1 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

This will be the end to the Toddler Titans - cartoonfan101

Seriously! This should be 1st! - Neonco31

2 Robin Abuse

Oh boy, robin torture day.

I saw that other lists had things like "buhdeuce abuse" "dora abuse" "fanboy abuse", so why not Robin abuse - cartoonfan101

More like Nicoe from TAWOG and Ice Bear from WBB vs Robin and Raven

3 The Original Teen Titans Come and Kick the Toddler Titans' Butts

I would love to see the originals beat up the ttg titans - cartoonfan101

The teen titans vs. The Toddler Titans. Teen Titans win!

I would give anything for this since the TTG creators are making fun of the haters now TTnTT - mayamanga

4 One Coarse Raven

Same thing with One Coarse Meal ( aka an episode when Plankton gets to kill himself), why not make a One Coarse Raven? -Vestalis

5 The Execution of Starfire
6 They Commit Suicide
7 The Haters Win Against the TTG Titans

The haters get extreme revenge against the titans and win - cartoonfan101

Haters win and we get more we bare bears

8 A Pal for Silkie
9 Pet Sitter Cyborg
10 The Show Becomes More Serious

The Contenders

11 The main characters of Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil and Steven Universe destroy their base and kills the Toddler Titans in a battle.

That's perFECT!

The crystal gems destroy Toddler titans tower.Dipper and Mable tie up the toddler titans.The titans cry and scream like baby's and they can't break out because they have no real powers exept being dumb.Then Star uses her wand to wish the toddler titans were gone,cancelling Teen titans go,and bring back Teen Titans for season 6.

12 Robin Seeks Help

Awesome episode idea! It's about Robin's first trip to the therapy! 😍 - DynastiSugarPop

13 The Titans Laugh at When Someone Poops and Farts in the Toilet

This already happens in the show, because the show has tons of toilet jokes. Also, this kinda sounds like something outta Sanjay and Craig - Cartoonfan202

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14 Raven Seeks Help
15 Robin Baby

A parody episode of Squid Baby from Spongebob

16 Robin Joins the Circus V 1 Comment
17 Robin Gets Flushed Down the Toilet
18 Robin's Cross Words

Is this supposed to be a reference to the episode where Caillou says "stupid" - Cartoonfan202

19 Beast Boy Abuse
20 Donald Trump Blows Up The Teen Titans While They Watch Sanjay and Craig
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