Top Ten Teen Titans Go Episodes That Should Be Made

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1 Slade

The titans have to face Slade and the show slowly starts to become more like the old show.

2 Season 6

The episode starts out like a normal Teen Titans Go episode and then suddenly becomes the first episode of season 6 for the old Teen Titans series.

Season six is what everyone wants. I love teen titans go, but who doesn't love the original!?

3 Raven's Secret

Beast Boy and Cyborg learn about Raven's true form.

4 Robinization

The titans reveal why they often act like jerks in Teen Titans Go.

5 Teen Titans Go: The Movie

Teen titans go movie!

6 Teens Dying Go!

Everyone dies, the show ends, and celebrate good times come on

Everyone dies and the show ends. - RalphBob

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7 H.I.V.E. Five Go

The HIVE Five take over the show, similar to the episode from the old show.

8 The Raven Connection

See whoever came up with this idea is the best

I always had the feeling those two would end up together.

Raven and Beast Boy begin dating.

9 Playing With Poop

Robin teaches kids to play, throw, fling your own poop

10 Teen Titans Pony!

That is stupid. We already have enough briny fan bases in this show.

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11 Pain Bot vs Hurt Bot
12 Kole and Gnark Return!

It would be great am I right people

13 Toddler Titans Die!
14 Pregnant Titans
15 Bully Titans
16 Robin Gets Grounded
17 The Titans Gets Eaten by a Titan
18 The Titans Meets Dead Pool
19 Teen Titans Go Meets Tales Of Symphonia
20 Robin Meets Gokudo
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