Top Ten Teen Titans Go Episodes That Should Be Made

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1 Slade

The titans have to face Slade and the show slowly starts to become more like the old show.

2 Season 6

The episode starts out like a normal Teen Titans Go episode and then suddenly becomes the first episode of season 6 for the old Teen Titans series.

Season six is what everyone wants. I love teen titans go, but who doesn't love the original!?

3 Raven's Secret

Beast Boy and Cyborg learn about Raven's true form.

4 Robinization

The titans reveal why they often act like jerks in Teen Titans Go.

5 Teen Titans Go: The Movie

Teen titans go movie!

6 Teens Dying Go!

Everyone dies, the show ends, and celebrate good times come on

Everyone dies and the show ends. - RalphBob

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7 H.I.V.E. Five Go

The HIVE Five take over the show, similar to the episode from the old show.

8 The Raven Connection

See whoever came up with this idea is the best

I always had the feeling those two would end up together.

Raven and Beast Boy begin dating.

9 Playing With Poop

The titans will teach kids to fling poop at your parents, couches, teachers, babies, bullies, haters and other people

Robin teaches kids to play, throw, fling your own poop

10 Teen Titans Baby Sits The Rugrats

Angelica will steal Robin's cape, becomes leader and bullies and bosses the Titans and the babies around

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11 Teen Titans Pony!

That is stupid. We already have enough briny fan bases in this show.

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12 Pain Bot vs Hurt Bot
13 Kole and Gnark Return!

It would be great am I right people

14 Toddler Titans Die!
15 Pregnant Titans
16 Bully Titans
17 Robin Gets Grounded
18 The Titans Gets Eaten by a Titan
19 The Titans Meets Dead Pool
20 Teen Titans Go Meets Tales Of Symphonia
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