Top Ten Teen Titans Go Episodes When Beast Boy and Cyborg Are at Their Worst


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1 Waffles

They're willing to get themselves and their friends killed to keep a prank going?! - Garythesnail

Even when they were threatened to get tortured,they didn't listen - Nateawesomeness

AND when the Titans defeat Brother Blood using their kiddish and stupid game, BB+Cy complain about how they "ruined" it.

Only one word describes this episode...
What? We’re you expecting more?

2 Boys vs Girls

They wanted to be girls because they lost a game! - Nateawesomeness

What a duo of pussies ( and cowards ).

3 Friendship

I dislike bronies

4 The Date

It wasn't really a lot of BB and Cy, more Robin. That's why this episode was on Top 10 Episodes Where Robin is at His Worst.

5 Burger vs Burrito

They made a huge mess - Nateawesomeness

6 Truth, Justice and What?

They choose pizza over truth and justice! - Nateawesomeness

7 Lazy Sunday

They are really stupid to think they are the laziest in the world. I hated cyborg in this episode because of his stupid idea of getting chilli. Ugh, so groos

It was also Tuesday,and they got depressed because the robin took away the couch - Nateawesomeness

8 Double Trouble
9 Hey Pizza!
10 Staring at the Future

These two irresponsible dunderheads were willing to not only ruin their friends' lives, but cause the apocalypse, all to shirk responsible?! Who were the heroes of this episode, cause it sure weren't these two.

So, it's ok to air an episode where they teach kids to ruin their "freinds" lives for their stupid antics. - megaboss

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11 Pie Bros
12 Smile Bones
13 The Return of Slade
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