Top 10 Teen Titans Go! Episodes When Robin at His Worst

The Top Ten Teen Titans Go! Episodes When Robin at His Worst

1 Multiple Trick Pony

He just beats up Kid Flash in the end, and the other Titans just think he actually didn't cheat and won. They also just leave Kid Flash to suffer with his broken leg. To make matters even worse, Robin actually thinks that him cheating was him BELIEVING IN HIMSELF. I hate this show with a burning passion.

Uh, what about the scene where Robin loses the first time and everyone abandons him for Kid Flash and he's all sad? If you think about it, that kind of justifies the ending. Robin feels inferior and tries to become superior again.

He takes down Kid Flash in the end so he can be leader again. - EpicJake

I'm watching this episode right now

2 Yearbook Madness

Robin was such a envious, self-talking and vain creep in this episode, as he felt egotism towards his teammates' organized clubs, tried all in a desperate way to be recognized by the heroes and made a pathetic and useless club about talking to himself as if he refuses to admit he is a mentally fragile jerk.

They just made Robin a whiny control freak. Teen Titans is so much better!

Jesus, I take yearbook seriously but Robin baffled me. - KingFab

Robin is evil in dis one

3 Smile Bones

No,beast boy and cyborg were bad.not robin - Nateawesomeness

4 The Best Robin
5 Thanksgiving
6 Body Adventure
7 Boys vs Girls

Robin would never tell the girls that boys were better than them in the original! I found it very offensive, to both boys AND girls.

That's just mean to do something sexist like that to a female

It's just rude ;-; and that's the part when I left the original teen titans fanbase.

You mean sexist

This Episode Is Racist.

8 Money Grandma

He insulted the first president of the United States.

9 The Left Leg
10 The Date

Robin was more insane than the joker

The Contenders

11 Mas Y Menos

"Stand in the spotlight and get all the glory! " That's not the lesson of this show! That's just what Robin's been trying to do that whole episode!

12 Black Friday

I don't see why Robin has to yell at Starfire a lot.

13 Super Robin
14 Some of Their Parts

Robin basically disected his friends' personalities and chose the ones he thought were the best for a new teen titans and just ignored all the other parts. How much of a jerk can you be to what are suppose to be your best friends to basically say you don't like your friends' own personality?

Not mention how Robin's personality traits show that there is NOTHING likable about him. Who would like a crazy obsessive perfectionist paranoid control freak?! - alphadan12

Why is this reminding of a bad Inside Out fanfiction?

15 Driver's Ed

Driver's Ed portrayed Robin as gullible and willing to put off the Titans' tasks to do his own unimportant things. And seriously? The Titans make fun of him because he can't drive? What has DC come to?

16 Staff Meeting

In the beginning, Robin is being a jerk to his teammates by beating them up for no reason! I hate that!

I just despise how Robin uses his staff on his friends!

17 Pure Protein
18 Puppets Whaaaaat?
19 Riding the Dragon
20 Hot Salad Water


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