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1 40%, 40%, 20%

The only reason why I haven't quit on Teen Titans Go


I listen to "The Night Begins to Shine every day! I love this episode!

Even most of the people who hate Teen Titans Go love this episode!

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2 Let's Get Serious

I don't know why, but I loved this episode - Solacress

40% 40% 20% was the only good episode this is just garbage - Thepassingzone

No truth justice and what is far creepier when the titans mitate

Ugh, why can't the creators just do the original teen titans animation style. This is by far the worst and creepiest episode ever.

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3 Colors of Raven

I'm voting for this because it should be higher

I love this one! My favorite ravens were happy and passionate.

The timid raven was so adorable, reminds me of fluttershy

I love this one raven keeps on kissing beast boy it is funny but meatball party second

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4 Legendary Sandwich

I actually thought this episode was okay. - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Episodes of season 1 are good compared to season 2 and 3.

It was okay. Season 1 was overall better than most. - ElephantEric

First Episode, Best Episode.

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5 Video Game References

My List
1. Video Game References
3.Uncle Jokes
4.Burger vs Burrito
5.Rocks and Water
6.Garage Sale
7.Animals: It's Just a Word
8.Money Grandma
9.Dog Hand
This Is My List!

I despise Teen Titans Go, but the references are so funny like the Legend of Starfire!

I am a massive fan of video games, and this episode was no exception. It completely mocked our childhood in humorous ways. The jokes are actually funny. If you're a video game fan, than you should give this episode a watch just once. It isn't anything special, but it takes a lot of you on the nostalgia train (I'm only 15) in this very fun episode. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS 40% 40% 20% IS OVERRATED?!?!?!?

THIS time they've done it! They ripped off the best video game in history, the video game that saved ALL video games from the 1983 crash, Super Mario Bros, and replaced it with "Save The Princess." If I had to choose between that and Ninjabread Man, I choose... Wait, do I have to choose between THESE two, I mean, they both sound terrible, you know what, I brought this sit upon myself.

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6 Burger vs Burrito

This is one of the worst Teen Titans Go episodes. It's pointless to have an argument about whether burgers are better than burritos. Only in the end do they realize that instead of fighting they should celebrate each others' differences. The songs were awful, just like every TTG song created (except for "Fade Away").

This is just some stupid episode about the titans refusing to accept each others differences

Stupid episode. The plot revolves around Cyborg and beast boy fighting about whether burgers or burritos are better - Lunala

I love the burger and burrito songs!

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7 Waffles

This episode is great

I Hate Waffles (Teen Titans GO! ) Episode! It Sucks!

What is the point of even making this episode in the first place?! Out of all the terrific ideas out there, you writers decided to make it about Beast Boy and Cyborg saying waffles over and over? BORING AND OBNOXIOUS!

Cyborg and Beast boy being annoying cretins like usual. They run around screaming "WAFFLES! " For the whole episode. - Lunala

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8 Legs

This episode was inappropriate because when the stupidest character in the show made wolf sounds when he transformed into a rabbit like Playboy! Raven danced like a stripper! Shaking and smacked her ass around and always touched her hips constantly! This episode was awful!

I like it when she use her boot as a boomerang to hit brother blood in the face. It would be cool for raven to throw a boot at my face.

This one was absolutely stupid written all over it. Since the show started to suck bad in the beginning of 2014, this was one of the first to suck eggs!

Cool but at the end is inappropriate.

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9 Laundary Day

Lots of nudity in this one. Why is it not banned?


This episode should be canceled because it shows a naked superhero in dirt. The writers should be FIRED.

This one is terrible we literally see robin naked

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10 In and Out

Boo! I dislike this episode!

In and out is amazing! I love where robin dresses up as red x, a villain returning from the original. Great episode

It was kind of boring and mean

Easily my favorite episode. It is so funny!

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11 Pie Bros.


This one is so funny!

I thought the titans were baked into a pie!

When I say I like, you say pie! - TristGamer

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12 Drivers Ed

The music is so good in this one

"Robin is underrated in this series. Don't know why he gets so much hate when he's so hilarious!

I love this episode and teen titans go! Don't get me wrong I like teen titans bot it's a little to serious!

Need to know where music is from

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13 Meatball Party

When meat is a ball you can eat it you can eat it all!

This show was so funny. I loved when cyborg shot that giant meatball on raven at the end.

Raven devoured all the titans


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14 Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt

Is this the actual title of the episode? Unbelievable. The writers apparently weren't even trying, were they?

The titans get into soccer until they find out what soccer really is!

Kick him in the balls is what I think of when I see the title.

It's just about them doing a sport what's so good about that?

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15 Smile Bones

Is My Worst Nightmare - CuteGirlJigglypuff

The titans spitting out their teeth is like Gumball being able to swap heads with Uncle Grandpa.

Dignity of teeth is basically sequal, hate this, don't watch that, Spoiler Alert: Everyone but Raven gets rid of their teeth for money and Raven eats teeth to get them back. Ha comedy. CHOKE ON THE TEETH AND DIE RAVEN. Ha ha ha, hilarious

One of the most vile, disgusting episodes ever made. I would rather watch Breadwinners than this. - Lunala

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16 Starliar

How can it be cute when someone lies? Goes to show the kind of lessons this show is teaching.

It's so funny when Star lies about the temperature!

I love this one! It's so cute when Starfire lies. She's the best Teen Titan ever! - Pikachulover1

This one actually had a good moral and a pretty funny ending in my opinion

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17 Parasite

I just clicked this to tell how BAD this episode is!

1. It's about when Starfire is collecting food for "Feast Day (? )" and gets pricked and a PARASITE appears on her belly, and BEFRIENDS it. Go and make some friends, kids!
2. During Feast Day, Robin pours parasites ON HIMSELF and they just eat up his health. WORST. EXAMPLE. EVAARR!

Disgusting episode - Sassy13crown

The worst episode ever. I choked about a dozen times after I watched it


18 The Return of Slade

This is one of my least... least favorite episodes and one of the worst because, it doesn't mention Slade at all, just a clown!

This is the worst episode of all! - ElephantEric

This episode has tore my heart into millions of pieces.

Have you clods even watched this crime?

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19 Dog Hand

+I love the little dog on cyborgs hand it is adorable. it is funny when Starfire was talking like an earth teen. your man is straight up the bomb!

The titans ask Ravens dad if they could have certain powers:Beast boy turn into anything, Cyborg Dog hand,Robin killer abbs,Starfire acts like a teen From America.

20 Operation Tin Man

This was actually a pretty enjoyable episode. There are 2 plot points In the episode. Cyborg fighting but eventually befriending gizmo and the other is the titans trying to save cyborg but only manage to fail miserably. The episode was actually really decent and taught the lesson that enemies can be be best friends if you tried to bond or found your inner common.

This is the most average episode of the entire series - AliciaMae

Gizmo tells the titans that they stole Cyborg, But Cyborg is actually on a date with Jynx.

Very funny bro! Love it so much!

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21 Road Trip

This episode is so funny, but the only flaw is that they pick on The Hive for no reason. - Powerfulgirl10

Raven vomits oil in this episode.

Raven vomits seriously I HATE THIS EPISODE

Does anyone notice the DS in Robins hands?

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22 Dude Relax

A strangely interesting story

23 The Night Begins to Shine - Teen Titans Go!

Should be WAY, WAAY higher!

Fantastic series of episodes. My favourite of the lot.

It ruined 40% 40% 20%, but the only good thing about this miniseries was that Fall Out Boy guest starred in like 2 episodes. - Catacorn

Pretty solid miniseries.

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24 Wally T

It's aware of what people think of the show and doesn't try to solve it's issues in a dumb way.

Yay for Robin admitting how terrible his show was!

They only have 1 fan?

They did this episode of a fan, come on, this has gotta be in the top 5

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25 The Date

You idiots, the Jeff is in I See You!

Who was more of a jerk in this episode robin or speedy

This Episode Is Boring

'The jeff' they are try way to hard to be funny

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26 Ghostboy

This was by far one of the most disturbingly morbid episodes, each titan meeting a gristly fate. All dead. GREAT message to show kids.

Hate how this is here but not la larva amor

One of my LEAST Favorites


27 Girls Night Out

I hate Teen Titans Go, but I like this episode. - Popsicles

This episode was epic seeing Starfire, Jinx and Raven having a night out!

This is my second favorite episode!

Crazy Fries, Crazy Fries, Crazy Fries

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28 Matched

So funny when Starfire falls in love with Aquaman and a scratching post!

Beast boy and raven almost kissrd until dumb o cyborg came. I hate cyborg

I hate BBRae!

29 Rocks and Water

My Second Favorite is Cool School, but this Episode is just Amazing! So many Emotions in a Teen Titans Go! Episode. The Show get pretty much hates, but I like the Show. This is my favorite. And the Beast Boy and Raven Plot was just cute. It get a bad Cyborg, Robin and Starfire Plot and I doesn't like the Ending. But that are the only bad Things about was Awesome.

This is one of those few episodes with continuity involving the relationships between Raven, Beast Boy, Terra, and Aqualad. In this episode, Terra and Aqualad, who are Beast Boy and Raven's exes, begin dating. Raven and BB then pretend to be dating to make the other two jealous. In the end, BB and Raven kiss and realize they have feelings for each other. This is my personal favorite episode. It also has good humor and a plot that isn't horrible for once.

Raven and Beast Boy's romance is so forced... It's like it's being included only to copy the original.

Beast Boy and Raven Finally Kiss... BEST EPISODE EVER!

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30 Some of Their Parts

This one was the best out of all last week and one of my favorites!

This is the second best episode after 40%40% 20% savage starfire is awesome

I wish I could do what they do in this episode.

I actually thought this was a bad episodes

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31 The Fourth Wall

good - FatSnackGoldfish

"Creepin' like a creeper" lol funny episode. The reboot/regret of losing the old Titans style was written in for us to enjoy. The Titans' self imposed reboot to british-style humor was also a great touch. Not a huge fan of the fart jokes but we all know that the kids love them. The fourth wall is always a good joke.

This is the one episodes that shows how the animators are on a tight schedule and a low budget and it compares the Teen Titans with the current ones. This episode is the best and only good one because of the following reasons.

Love the clever use of the fourth wall. This episode is one of the only episodes I would actually sit down and enjoy to watch.

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32 Double Trouble
33 Be Mine

This is one of the few episodes that had genuine emotion. As much as I like Teen Titans Go, I'll be the first to admit that the characters are really shallow. However, this episodes actually treats the characters like real people. Raven and Beast Boy's interactions are very genuine in this episode.

34 Brian
35 Terra-ized
36 Belly Bros

That’s the name of the first episode of Uncle Grandpa.

The episode is called smile bones. Honestly, I don't know why this one is overrated. it's a funny episode, and it does not teach kids to inhale food, like everyone says, but savor their food.

Cyborg belly sound like Shrek. Shrek, takes ogre!

My favorite! !
I like when cyborg's belly says
"Yes brother! " In the weird voice!
Also, when the bellies all get big.

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37 Rad Dudes with Rad Tudes

Its Rad Dudes with BAD Tudes

It's rad dudes with BAD tudes, and this sucks!

This episoide is sweet and heart breaking at the same time. Robin is finally seen happy. None of the other Titans poke fun at him. Beast boy is really mature. If the writers put their mind to it they can make an emotional episoide. The managed to make me shed more tears than I do for Steven universe. Great job writers.

38 The Art of Ninjutsu


I love the art style and the whole plot of this episode

I very hate BBRae, In my opinion, they are the founders RobStar haters!

39 Staff Meeting

This is a funny episode you talk too much so funny

That tree is stupid

40 Starfire the Terrible

Her evil laugh is hilarious as she gurgles water

Starfire looks cool in her evil outfit, it looks horrible when she spills or gets hurt on that suit.

Starfire DOES have feelings for Robin she is just to afraid to say it.Moon scene proof

Thanks, Mr. Grinch

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41 Opposites

This episode is disgusting for a love story. This is among the worst Teen titans go episodes in my opinion.

I oughta kiss her whenever I want to instead of that annoying piece of scrap metal known as Cyborg.

Surprised this episode isn't rated higher

This is my second favorite episode

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42 Slumber Party

This episode was totally stupid I hated it because it was too scary

This one is awesome but never comes on its always the same episode every time

This episode is really cool, but it's also unrealistic with Robin's fort.

The Tower has a black out they heard a baby gril scream in cyborgs room then they interact with scary tary one of Cyborgs greatest frights.

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43 Boys vs Girls

This is offensive

This episode left me dissapointed. So in my head I imagine different scenarios that could replace the ending.


44 Pure Protein (Part 2)
45 Books
46 Caramel Apples

You actually see the titans fight and you see ravens old pictures

I LOVE THIS EPISODE'! Ravens dad Finally comes and THE TITANS GET EVEN BETTER POWERS! they say ravens dad is a WIENER you guys have to watch this episode bye

What I like about this episode was that Robin wasn't a jerk and Trigon came back! Did you notice the Mario and Luigi skeletons?

The only episode where robin is not a jerk

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47 Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp


I want that bee money bro

the bomb

48 The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Special
49 Garage Sale

Awesome because they show other episodes in it

An eppy dedicated to past stories and a nice episode for reading the marked boxes in the attic.

50 Yearbook Madness

Awesome episode should be in the top 10

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