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81 Squash & Stretch

It's hilarious how they do Chuck Jones and Tex Avery humor with all the anvils and punching gloves and I liked the little cartoon short that brought back memories of me and my sister watching Looney Tunes every day of my life.

82 Left Leg

Once again Robin steals the show...Robin rocks. His need to be in control leads him to make the robot all about the left leg( since he cannot be the head). Good stuff.

83 Staring at the Future V 1 Comment
84 Hot Garbage
85 Bottle Episode
86 Pure Protein (Part 2)
87 Birds
88 Hose Water
89 Operation Dude Rescue (Part 1)
90 Finally a Lesson
91 Driver's Test

It's called Driver's ED.

92 Cool School

Rose Wilson and Raven hang out with robin trying to convince Rose is not in jail while the others go to cool school.

So so so so funny! Rose and Raven drive Robin crazy till the end.

This is one of the best in season 2!

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93 Beast Man

The titans want to see a movie Death toilet 3 but they an adult then they play random animal alley when cyborg says the word man Beast boy turns into a man but that night the man got to him.

94 Knowledge

Raven gives starfire a magical necklace that turns her smart so she woudn't ruin any special days.But the titans tell her the more you know the bigger bummer you are!

95 I See You

Robin trys to trick starfire into a date by a steakout while Beast boy and Cyborg try to find out Ravens secert!
(Or did they? )

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96 Mouth Hole V 1 Comment
97 Multiple Trick Pony

I think this episode is cool because they bring in KID FLASH

This episode should be in the top 20 it was so funny

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