Top Ten Best Teen Titans Go! Season 2 Episodes

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1 Video Game Refrences

While many people think that TTG Season 2 is bad, I just saw this episode and I couldn't stop laughing at Cyborg's simulation! - SwagFlicks

2 Caramel Apples
3 Vegetables

I loved this show. It was funny and teaches kids to eat healthy.

4 Rocks and Water

best episode ttg ever

I loved all the drama and Beast Boy and Raven are so cute together.

I've been shipping BBRae since the original! I never thought it would happen! Cyborg is the best third wheeler ever known, I just wish something happened with Starfire and Robin...

Best couple ever! Raven and beast boy are so cute I can't stand it BBRae forever!

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5 Let's Get Serious

BB was making me cry like crazy with SERIOS!

6 Halloween

No, no, no! This episode sucks! Raven is not supposed to dress up in stupid Pretty Pretty Pegusas costumes! She is supposed to be a goth, not a girly toddler who always smiles! There is nothing wrong with being girly, but Raven? Just no.

This is a really cool episode. It very funny that Raven was a Pretty Pauguses. 😁

7 Thanksgiving

I hate this Ep because they kill batman!

8 Tamaranian Vacation

This one is awesome and also very funny.

9 Brian

I thought this was funny because of bird-a-rang saying funny things and robin at the end

10 Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp

I thought this one was funny, but I basically only liked it for the part where they made him dance... - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

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11 Cool School

This Fight Scene was one of the best Scenes in the Series. It is just amazing! And my Favorite Season 2 Episode.


12 Serious Business
13 Mr Butt
14 Some of Their Parts
15 Head Fruit
16 More of the Same
17 And The Award For Sound Design Goes To Rob
18 Campfire Stories

So funny

19 Multiple Trick Pony
20 Slumber Party
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