Top Ten Teen Titans and Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Characters


The Top Ten

1 Robin Robin
2 Cole

Why is he number three Jay is so much better I didn't vote for him

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3 Jay

I like jay because he is caring and powerful

Jay and raven should be higher

Jay is the strongest ninja and gets way too little credit. He has the best character in Ninjago as a whole and even has luck with the ladies. :}

4 Cyborg Cyborg

Cyborg is a loser

He is sooo funny

5 Raven

Raven has magic so she should be the best

What. SHE SHOULD BE number 1!

6 Zane

Why isn't he number one come on people he is a nindroid, he was the first to find his true potential, the he sacrificed himself to save his freinds

7 Kai

Make him higher up the list

Make him higher!

He's so fired up!

8 Starfire Starfire Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.
9 Beast-Boy

Beast boy rules cute and funny people are blind if they don't see that

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10 Sensei Wu

The Contenders

11 Lloyd

Best can beat all teen titans every ninjago character is stronger than teen titan go

Best off all beats whole ninjago and every T.V. show and video game in the world


12 Nya
13 Skylor Skylor
14 Niro
15 Jinx Jinx
16 Turner
17 Yang
18 Speedy
19 Morro

Morro is the best ninjago character, but who made this list? These shows have nothing in common at all.

20 P.I.X.A.L.

Shes cool

21 Princess Harumi
22 Ultra Violet
23 Seliel
24 Harumi Harumi
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