Best Teen Titans Season 5 Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Titans Together
2 Calling All Titans
3 Snowblind
4 Homecoming: Part II
5 Homecoming: Part I
6 For Real

Is this the episode where beast boy was wearing his underpants dancing by the front wall say creeping like a creeper?

Control Freak Rules!

7 Go!
8 Hide and Seek

Best episode ever! Sadly, you do get bored after watching it 36 times:(.

9 Kole

I love this episode! Kole is so cute!

10 Things Change

The Contenders

11 Lightspeed

How is Things Change above this? That episode was so boring! I liked Lightspeed because it actually shows the villains side and Jinx was in the spotlight instead of one of those overrated main Titans! But I kinda wish that Jinx stayed bad, she isn't really the hero type...

I love this episode. I have watched it a million times. I like how they put The H.I.V.E in the spotlight. Kid Flash is cool yet too ''flirty'' to Jinx. I love Jinx. I like Kyd Wykkyd.

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