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21 Trident
22 Malchior

This villian in my opinion is the best since he have an awesome dragon form that looks powerful and cool, he is also very intelligent, etc and he is my favorite character of all. I wish there's an alternate ending where he became good because this dragon is my favorite of all. ( Remember is my opinion). I just like his dragon form uwu.

23 Cheshire

She's not even much of a villain in the comics (at least in one story line) she kind of just seems to go and do what she wants

I'm surprised she is not high on this list. She is a awesome assassin who would be better if she worked for Slade

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24 Monsieur Mallah
25 Raven

I don't see how the HELL this is mother of pearl possible! I'm so confused over this vote. Raven defeated her father, Trigon, with her friends support. She's half demon AND hella powerful, mysterious, and future lover/wife of BB. No doubt...

For the people that are saying that RAVEN IS A HERO and all, hear me out. She is a hero AT TIMES. If she gets possessed by Trigon, that is when she is a villian. - shawnmccaul22

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26 Professor Chang V 1 Comment
27 The Source

Worst villain ever

28 Mother Mae-Eye V 1 Comment
29 Killer Moth

I appreciate the show trying to make Killer Moth seem cool but I would've preferred if they just kept him a joke. That's kind of his appeal after all, that he thinks he's an a-lister despite sucking so much. That being said, great villain... But that costume. Ugh. Is he seriously a literal moth?

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30 Phobia

Nobody knows who she is! Her only appearences are 3 cameos and that's it. She creates fear and illusions.

31 The Halloween Spirit V 1 Comment
32 Adonis
33 Atlas
34 Krall
35 Psimon
36 Madame Rouge

Her powers are kinda cool. Raven's is way better though.

37 Rorek V 1 Comment
38 Punk Rocket

This guy has a real cool name and his power is rock n roll what more is there, plus he looks hilarious in Teen Titans Go!

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39 Dark Raven

WOW. Her dark... That would be horrible!

Dark Raven...did you mean the red raven in nevermore?

40 Nya-Nya

I wish she was a real character and didn't have to die.

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