Top 10 Teen Titans Villains

These are the most evil villains in the Teen Titans throughout the whole series.

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41 Nya-Nya

I wish she was a real character and didn't have to die.

42 Kyd Wykkyd

He is powerful, silent and super cool! I personally think he could beat every teen titan single-handed!

The closest this show has to Batman, and keep in mind, Kyd Wykkyd is a villain.

43 Rose Wilson

I hope she kills the teen titans on TTG someday. Starting with Robin, I hope she cuts his head off. Then she beats Starfire to death and kicks Raven to death. Then she burns Beast Boy alive and blows Cyborg apart with a bazooka. I like villains anyway.

One of the fiercest...

Rose Wilson is not in teen titans

44 The Whisperer

Not a teen titans character! - Thecoolguy

She isn't really a villan. More like selfish and dumb.

Cute, but she is in the TTG crap world.

45 Witch

Who IS Witch?

46 Bob
47 Kitten
48 Fang
49 Private H.I.V.E.
50 Johnny Rancid
51 Kardiak
52 Katarou
53 Overload

I like overload he use electricity

54 Angel

Are you sure she's in this show?

55 Wintergreen

Basically evil Alfred... Awesome! I don't remember him ever actually facing the Teen Titans though. It would've been hilarious if he managed to take them down like Slade does.

56 H.I.V.E. Headmistress
57 Warp
58 Puppet King

He's creepy, but I like him as a villain. - Thecoolguy

59 XL Terrestrial
60 Billy Numerous
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