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1 Season 3b

This season got me all into all kind of feels. Comparing to season 1, 2 and 3A, that were really happy seasons, funny to watch, season 3B was really depressed and dark, but hey! Life is not always a bright of sunshine! Season 3B was really interesting and I wasn't able to breath correctly till it was over, because everything was always so interesting but scary in the same time, you literally can't get bored watching it! I could feel the adrenaline in my veins while watching every minute of every episode of this season. It also invoked great development for one of my favorite characters, Stiles, and had (in my opinion) the greatest villain of the whole show, the Nogistune. The villain was so interesting and entertaining, yet so scary. I loved and hated it in the same time. The actors did great this season, especially Dylan O'Brien. One of the main characters also died, which, yeah, was a really sad ending for the season, but just made the whole season more entertaining and ...more

The best season and after this season I think that it not Teen Wolf it was another show - bretty

The cast killed it with their awesome acting habilities. I cried for two days after I saw the season finale.

In my opinion, this is absolutely the best one ever. Loved the nogitsune. And Kira. - fl4v14

2 Season 3a

Jennifer Blake, the darach and all. This was very good! - fl4v14

3 Season 1

Good ol' season 1, where it all started. This is kind of nostalgia for me. - fl4v14

4 Season 2

I love season 2 more than S1,3,4,5 and 6 because the second season wasn't that scary by the way

Remember? Jackson, the kanima and everything. Kinda liked this season. - fl4v14

5 Season 5

This season was the season of history of the hunters - bretty

It was disappointing I was expecting something more bloody it is the beast of the gevaudan anyway it is on it that ARGENT was built
the only thing that was good was Marie Jeanne Valet and Theo otherwise the rest was anything and annoying but it is better than season 4 - mazigh

6 Season 6

6A was good, 6B not so much... - TheStormBolt

7 Season 4

I really liked this season lol

Oh, lots of new characters. Liked this one more than 3a. - fl4v14

I think that it 's the worst seaason of Teen Wolf - mazigh

I liked the lacross scenes in this one

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