Top Ten Best Teen Wolf Seasons


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1 Season 3b

The cast killed it with their awesome acting habilities. I cried for two days after I saw the season finale.

In my opinion, this is absolutely the best one ever. Loved the nogitsune. And Kira. - fl4v14

2 Season 3a

Jennifer Blake, the darach and all. This was very good! - fl4v14

3 Season 1

Good ol' season 1, where it all started. This is kind of nostalgia for me. - fl4v14

4 Season 2

I love season 2 more than S1,3,4,5 and 6 because the second season wasn't that scary by the way

Remember? Jackson, the kanima and everything. Kinda liked this season. - fl4v14

5 Season 6

6A was good, 6B not so much... - TheStormBolt

6 Season 5

This season was the season of history of the hunters - bretty

7 Season 4

I really liked this season lol

Oh, lots of new characters. Liked this one more than 3a. - fl4v14

I liked the lacross scenes in this one

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